Sunday, October 14, 2007

the secret of shadows (from francis a. yates)

(please click images to make them bigger)

new film finished (35 minutes!) and available soon on dvd. look for it in fine establishments dealing in smut and iniquities.

soundtrack: the gentle sound of rain
images: inspired by tarkovsky's driving sequence in solaris


Princess Haiku said...

Very interesting blog.

jgrzinich said...

is this something you were involved with? I'm still working on my film piece which is something of a meditation.

Doug said...

I'd love to see this...keep us updated!

the art of memory said...

thank you all for the interest. john, am very excited to see the new work.... to say the least.
doug, i can send a dvd when i get it finished, hopefully before the year ends, could you email me your address?
thank again.

Niemand said...

As I know that you are a francophile, Herr Swiezynski ,
I leave you this Jean Genet's quote in french.
Mysteriously close to "the secret of shadows" :

"(…)chaque figure a la même origine, nocturne sans doute,
mais bien située dans le monde.

Jean Genet from "l’atelier de Giacometti" nrf
Nrf (collection blanche :page 50)

the art of memory said...

wow, thank you niemand, that is so perfect, i was looking at a catalogue raisonee of dubuffet's monochrome work in texas, of his beautiful black prints, and this reminded me of them. "nocturne sans doute"

antonia said...

Sir, as of today, october 21, you will be awarded with the price of Gorgeous Greyness for the distinctive ability to discover and display donkeyfurcolour in all its beautiful & delicate varieties. From now on you may call yourself: Herr Schinkel, Sir of The Grey.

the art of memory said...

that is very nice, you sure got the idea of the film right with the mention of the fine animal.
and bresson.

i will use the name indeed, sounds arthurian.

Milena said...

Beautiful and timeless. Pure visual poetry. I hope to see more of it.

the art of memory said...

thank you for the nice words.