Wednesday, October 10, 2007

à l'infinitif



marcel duchamp à l'infinitif published by the typosophic society with typotranslation by richard hamilton and ecke bonk of marcel duchamp's white box (1967)
(another great texas find)

images of the original edition:

some duchamp books:

-marcel duchamp: the box in a valise, de ou par marcel duchamp ou rrose selavy, rizzoli by ecke bonk
-joseph cornell/marcel resonance, hatje cantz by susan davidson, anne d'harnoncourt, ecke bonk, walter hopps, lyda roscoe hartigan, don quaintance and ann temkin
-marcel duchamp, thames & hudson by dawn ades, neil cox and david hopkins
-writings of marcel duchamp, da capo
-dialogues with marcel duchamp, da capo by pierre cabanne
-the complete works of marcel duchamp, delano greenridge editions (or abrams) by arturo schwarz
-marcel duchamp: the art of making art in the age of mechanical reproduction, abrams by francis m. naumann
-marcel duchamp: work and life, mit press by pontus hulten
-marcel duchamp: respirateur, hatje cantz publishers by gerhard graulich, herbert molderings, and kornelia von berswordt-wallrabe
-dialogues: duchamp, cornell, johns, rauschenberg, dallas museum of art by dorothy kosinski
-duchamp: a biography, henry holt & company by calvin tomkins
-the bride and the bachelors: five masters of the avant-garde, penguin by calvin tomkins
-duchamp in context: science and technology in the large glass and related works, princeton university press by linda dalrymple henderson
-affectionately, marcel: the selected correspondence of marcel duchamp, ludion
-marcel duchamp, prestel (moma & philadelphia museum of art) by anne d'harnoncourt and kynaston mcshine
-manual of instructions for etant donnés, philadelphia museum of art
-etant donnés: 1 la chute d'eau; 2 le gaz d'eclairage, reflections on a new work by marcel duchamp, philadelphia museum of art by anne d'harnoncourt and kynaston mcshine
-duchamp: love and death, even, reakton books by juan antonio ramírez
-marcel duchamp: rencontre, centre george pompidou by alain jouffroy

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