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abstractions, monochromes and minimalism, part 3 (music & drone related)

erik satie

la monte young: the well-tune piano

performance space for luigi nono's prometeo, architect: renzo piano

the classical library of theartofmemory contributor arthur de eriomém.
a more up-to-date list here.

john luther adams
-in the white silence

béla bartók
-bartok plays bartok: bartok at the piano 1929-41
-44 duos for two violins
-complete string quartets (quatuor végh)

benjamin britten
-cello suites (steven isserlis, dedicated to mstislav rostropovich)

gavin bryars
-the sinking of the titanic/jesus' blood never failed me yet (lp version)
-three viennese dancers
-jesus' blood never failed me yet
-the sinking of the titanic
-vita nova
-farewell to philosophy

harold budd
-the pavilion of dreams
-avalon sutra / as long as i can hold my breath (with akira rabelais)
-music for 3 pianos

john cage
-the number pieces 1 (four3, one5, two6)
-the piano concertos (concerto for prepared piano, concert for piano, fourteen)
-the piano works 2 (sonatas & interludes for prepared paino)
-the piano works 3 (the season, cheap imitation, aslsp)
-the works for violin 4 (arditti string quartet)
-the works for violin 6, the string quartets 4 (44 harmonies from apartment house 1779, cheap imitation)
(hat art)
-imaginary landscapes
-two, five and seven
-ten, ryoanji, fourteen
-prelude for meditation
-sixty-eight, quartets I-VIII
-complete piano music vol. 1 (the prepared piano 1940-1952)
-complete piano music vol. 2 (music for piano 1-85, electronic music for piano)
-complete piano music vol. 8 (hommage a satie)
-john cage: two4
-john cage: works for piano, toy piano & prepared piano vol. III
-thirteen (ensemble 13)
-john cage: in the landscape (stephen drury piano)
-dream: stefan jussong plays john cage (accordion)
-john cage: late piano works (one, two2, one)
-etudes australes for paino (grete sultan)
-ear for ear (choral)
-litany for the whale
-harmonies (accordion & trombone)

tony conrad
-early minimalism: volume one, 1964-65
-joan of arc

alvin curran
-maritime rites

patrick & thomas demenga
-lux aeterna (includes works by alexander knaifel, thomas demenga, jean barrière, roland moser and barry guy)

stuart dempster
-in the great abbey of clement vi

marcel duchamp
-conversations (with alain jouffroy)

brian eno
-no pussyfooting (with robert fripp)
-evening star (with robert fripp)
-discreet music
-music for films
-music for airports
-the plateaux of mirror
-on land
-music for films, volume 2
-music for airports (bang on a can version)
-more music for films
-apollo: atmospheres & soundtracks
-77 million paintings
-the pearl (with harold budd)

morton feldman
-string quartet no. 2
-aki takahashi plays morton feldman
(hat art)
-patterns in a chromatic field
-for john cage
-piano (marianne schroeder)
-for christian wolff
-piano, violin, cello
-why patterns?, crippled summetry
-works for piano 2
-string quartet (II)
-for bunita marcus
-for philip guston
-for samuel beckett
-clarinet and string quartet
-piano and orchestra, flute and orchestra, oboe and orchestra, cello and orchestra
-for samuel beckett
-durations I-V, coptic light
(col legno)
-for bunito marcus
-piano and orchestra, palais de mari, piano
-triadic memories
-morton feldman: all piano (john tilbury)
-violin and string quartet (christina fong, rangzen quartet)
-piano, palais de mari (ronnie lynn patterson)
-triadic memories (aki takahashi)
-for john cage (yasushi toyoshima, aki takahashi)
-morton feldman: piano and string quartet (kronos quartet with aki takahashi)
-music of morton feldman (the viola in my life, fals relationships and the extended ending, why patterns?)
-crippled symmetry (the california ear unit)
-tufran frangments
-rothko chapel, why patterns?
-triadic memories by jean-luc fafchamps
-morton feldman (morton feldman plays)
-string quartet (the group for contemporary music)
-coptic light (mtt)
-something wild in the city (soundtrack, from cd something wild: music for film)
-madame press died last week at ninety
-works for two pianists

henryk mikołaj górecki
-symphony no. 3 'symphony of sorrowful songs'
-string quartet 1,2 (kronos quartet)

g.i. gurdjieff
-seekers of the truth/reading of a sacred book: the complete piano music of georges i. gurdjieff and thomas de hartmann vol. 1 & 2 (cecil lytle)
-harmonic development: the complete harmonium records
-gurdjieff, tsabropoulos: chants, hymns and dances (ecm)
-gurdjieff / de hartman: music for piano vol. 1 & 2 (wergo)
-gurdjieff / de hartman (herbert henck)

barry guy
-john dowland: in darkness let me dwell
(and numerous jazz discs not totally unrelated)

herbert henck
-improvisation IV in drei teilen fur klavier (1986)

david hykes & the harmonic choir
-harmonic meetings

charles ives
-charles ives: symphony no. 2 / the gong on the hook & ladder, or firemen's parade on main street / tone roads no. 1 / hymn: largo cantabile, for string orchestra / hallowe'en / central park in the dark / the unanswered question - leonard bernstein / new york philharmonic

jóhann jóhannsson
-abeceda with larsen
-ibm 1401, a user's manual
-the sun’s gone dim and the sky’s turned black
-virthulegu forsetar

giya kancheli
-abii ne viderem
-caris mere
-vom winde beweint (and tracks by schnittke)

alexander knaifel
-amicta sole
-make me drunk with your kisses

zoltan kodaly
-sonata for cello

-komitas performed by komitas (1912)
-hayren: music of komitas and tigran mansurian

gyorgy kurtag
-sings, games, messages
-jatekok (with marta kurtag)
-musik fur streichinstrumente
-potraitkonzert salzburg 10.8.1993 (col legno)

helmut lachenmann
-helmut lachenmann 1: reigen seliger geister, tanzsuite mit deutschlandlied (arditti string quartet)
-helmut lachenmann 3: solo pieces
-helmut lachenmann: pression, guero, gran torso, pression

richard lainhart
-10,000 shades of blue (works 1975-1989)
-staring at the moon

david lang
-the passing measures

gyorgy ligeti
-three pieces for two pianos (alfons and aloys kontarsky)
-chamber concerto (pierre boulez)

alvin lucier
-i am sitting in a room
-music on a long thin wire
-silver streetcar for the orchestra
-wind shadows

witold lutoslawski
-musique funèbre

olivier messiaen
-messiaen par lui-meme
-the complete organ works (gillian weir)
-meditations sur le mystere de la sainte trinite (christopher bowers-broadbent)
-complete organ works vol. 4: meditations sur le mystere de la sainte trinite (rudolf innig)
-olivier meditations sur le mystere de la sainte trinite: jon gillock (diptyque & les corps glorieux)
-oliver messiaen: the organ works (almut rossler)
-messiaen: illuminations of the beyond
-quartet for the end of time (daniel barenboim)
-quartet for the end of time (yvonne loriod)
-visions de l'amen pour deux pianos (yvonne loriod et oliver messiaen)
-visions de l'amen for two pianos (peter serkin and yuji takahashi)
-vingt regards sur l'enfant jesus (yvonne loriod)
-vingt regards sur l'enfant jesus (john ogdon)
-catalogue d'oiseaux, la fauvette des jardins (anatol ugorski)
-saint françois d'assise

conlon nancarrow
-studies for player piano (wergo)
-the music of conlon nancarrow volume two

phill niblock
-four full flutes
-music by phill niblock
-touch works, for hurdy gurdy and voice
-touch food
-guitar too, for four
-touch three

hermann nitsch
-das orgien mysterien theater musik der 80. aktion
-komposition fur orgel in 5 satzen
-harmoniumwerk volume 1,2,3,4,

luigi nono
-la lontananza nostalgica utopica futura, "hay que caminar" sonando (with gidon kremer)
-das atmende klarsein, con luigi dallapiccola, ...sofferte onde serene...,
-fragment-stille, an diotima, "hay que caminar" sonando
-guai ai gelidi mostri, omaggio a gyorgy kurtag
-for pierre, cerulean blue silence
-when they are dying, 2nd polish diary
-post-prae-ludium per donau

pauline oliveros/stuart dempster/panaiotis
-deep listening

charlemagne palestine
-four manifestations on six elements
-godbear (the lower depths, strumming music, timbral assualt)
-strumming music
-schlongo!!!daLUVdrone (solo pipe organ)
-holy 1 & holy 2/ alloy
-music for big ears
-charlemagne at sonnabend
-charlemagne palestine/ tony conrad; an aural symbiotic mystery
-espoir guerison (from 5cd set not alone)

arvo pärt
-de profundis
-tabula rasa (with gidon kremer and alfred schnittke)
-arvo pärt: arbos
-orient occident
-arvo pärt: passio
-arvo pärt: te deum
-pärt: tabula rasa; fratres; symphony no. 3 (with gil shaham)
-arvo pärt (vladimir spivakov, moscow virtuosi)
-arvo pärt: da pacem
-organ works of arvo pärt and the music of the 16th century and the sound of bells

krzysztof penderecki
-penderecki: anaklasis; threnody; etc. (krzysztof penderecki conducts)

zbigniew preisner
-trilogy: blue, white, red
-la double vie de veronique

eliane radigue
-trilogie de la mort
-adnos 1-3

ernst reijseger
-colla parte

max richter
-the blue notebooks
-songs from before
-the art of mirrors - 7hings
-brilliant noise sountrack

erik satie
-erik satie selected works ars nova ensemble orchestral works (maybe the most important of the whole post)
-satie: piano works (aldo ciccolini)
-after the rain...the soft sounds of erik satie (pascal rogé)
-satie: the early piano works (reinbert de leeuw)
-erik satie compositeur de musique (teodoro anzellotti: accordian)
-erik satie: piano music, vol. 1-5 (steffen schleiermacher)
-pieces pour piano (yuji takahashi)
-vexations (alan marks)

giacinto scelsi
-suites nr. 9 and nr. 10 for piano
-giacinto scelsi (triphon, three latin prayers, pranam II, antifona, in nomme lucis I, tre canti sacri, in nomine lucis V)
-elegia per ty, divertimento n. 3 pour violon, l'ame ailee l'ame ouverte, coelocanth, trio a cordes
-quattro illustrazioni, xnoybis, cinque incantesimi, cuo pour violon et violoncelle
-ouvre integrale pour choeur et orchestre symphonique
-ensemble 2e2m/dir. paul mefano
-suite n. 8"bot-ba" (tibet) suite n. 9 "ttai" (paix)
-giacinto scelsi: music for cello, trilogia, ko-tha
-music for wind instruments and percussion
-the complete works for clarinet
-chamber works for flute and piano
-yamaon, anahit, i presagi, tre pezzi, okanagon
-natura renovatur

alfred schnittke
-the complete string quartets (kronos quartet)
-konzert für viola und orchester
-paslms of repentance
-schnittke: choir concerto; voices of nature; minnesang
-requiem: concerto for mixed chorus

marianne schroeder

stefano scodanibbio
-voyage that never ends
-geografica amorosa

dimitri shostakovich
-the string quartets (fitzwilliam string quartet)

valentin silvestrov
-silent songs

mathias spahlinger
-three in one klang...

david sylvian
-approaching silence
-when loud weather buffeted naoshima
-flux & mutability (with czukay)
-plight and premonition (with czukay)

john tavener
-the protecting veil (steven isserlis)
-the hidden face/nipson/sanctus & benedictus
-svyati: steven isserlis plays the music of john tavener

james tenney
-bridge & flocking

frances-marie uitti
-uitti 2 bows

mihaly vig
-filmzenek-tarr bela

anton webern
-anton webern: complete works, opp. 1-31 (pierre boulez)
-webern: complete string trios and quartets (arditti string quartet)

henry wolff & nancy hennings
-tibetan bells

iannis xenakis
-chamber music 1955-1990 (arditti string quartet)

la monte young
-the black record ("31 VII 69 10:26-10:49 PM/23 VIII 64 2:50:45-3:11 am") (with marian zazeela)
-the well-tuned piano 81 X 25
-the melodic version of the second dream of the high-tension line stepdown transformer from the four dreams of china
-the tamburas of pandit pran nath (with marian zazeela)


-jacques tati: soundtrack cd
-early music (lachrymae antiquae) (kronos quartet with john cage, arvo pärt, alfred schnittke and others)
-zeit: zeitgenossische orgelmusik (organ music including morton feldman, giacinto scelsi)
-xenakis evryali/herma & messiaen quatre etudes de rythme
-misterioso (arvo pärt, valentin silvestrov, galina ustvolskaya)
-erik satie socrate/john cage cheap imitation (wergo with herbert henck)
-erik satie sports et divertissements/george antheil la femme 100 tetes
-dolorosa (shostakovich, vasks, schnittke)
-after mozart (with valentin silvestrov)
-the new york school (hat art)
-the bad boys (hat art)
-david tudor: the piano avant-garde 1956-1960 (hat art)
-u.s.a, nancarrow, carter, ives, yim, feldman, lucier, young, cage (arditti string quartet)
-glocken russisch-orthodoxer kirchen (russian church bells)
-maderna, beuger, von schweinitz, stiegler (edition wandelweiser records)
-beuger, cage (edition wandelweiser records)
-lucier, wolff, schlothauer, frey (edition wandelweiser records)
-cage, pisaro, frey, beuger (edition wandelweiser records)

(head librarian of the collection: the german scholar [scottish born] herr t. moore leeh)
((a few are burns, if some titles look abridged or funny))

musique pour d.g.


squareamerica said...

Wow- Great list. Lots of stuff to track down now. Might I suggest Louis Andriessen- De Tijd, Rhys Chatham- A Crimson Grail, Peter Garland- The Days Run Away, Jim Fox- The City The Wind Swept Away, Somei Satoh- Towards the Night, Michael Jon Fink- I Hear It in the Rain

sroden said...

hey, is there a book that features that nono piano project. i've been looking for images of that but all i've seen are two images always used.

the art of memory said...

thanks mr. america for the list, i will check them out, i like garland's radio deal, but have not listened much to the music.

steve, the piano space is in quite a few books i have seen:
the huge taschen book
"renzo piano building workshop: visible cities"
"architecture & music: renzo piano building workshop" (if i remember is good)
"renzo piano spirit of nature wood arch. award" (has about 10 pages on it with plans)
and i think the phaidon complete works has some.
see you in texas.

Anonymous said...

I adore this blog.

the art of memory said...

thank you, i will take a closer look at yours as well, looks very nice.