Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1970, to ask me to quit drinking, quit gambling and save money?

-mash (d. robert altman)

-brewster mccloud (d. robert altman)

-the landlord (d. hal ashby)

-joe (d. john g. avildsen) with peter boyle

husbands (d. john cassavetes)

-the rebel rousers (d. martin b. cohen) with harry dean stanton

-crimes of the future (d. david cronenberg) canadian, but good

-they call me mr. tibbs! (d. gordon douglas)

-zorn's lemma (d. hollis frampton)

*serene velocity (d. ernie gehr)

*history (d. ernie gehr)

*field (d. ernie gehr)

*fog line (d. larry gottheim)

-the out of towners (d. arthur hiller) with jack lemmon and sandy dennis

-kelly's heroes (d. brian g. hutton) with harry dean stanton

-wanda (d. barbara loden)

-the last of the mobile hotshots (d. sidney lumet) tennessee williams play, cinematography by james wong howe

-catch-22 (d. mike nichols)

-little big man (d. arthur penn)

-five easy pieces (d. bob rafelson) cinematography by lászló kovács

-where's poppa? (d. carl reiner)

*two mules for sister sara (d. don siegel)

*spiral jetty (d. robert smithson)

-the private life of sherlock holmes (d. billy wilder)

serene velocity (d. ernie gehr)