Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1971, if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his arse so much, follow me?

-bananas (d. woody allen)

*mccabe & mrs. miller (d. robert altman) cinematography by vilmos zsigmond

little murders (d. alan arkin) elliott gould photographs dog shizer, cinematography by the great gordon willis

harold and maude (d. hal ashby) cinematography by john a. alonzo

the last picture show (d. peter bogdanovich) with timothy bottoms, jeff bridges, cybill shepherd, ben johnson, randy quaid and ellen burstyn, cinematography by robert surtees

-directed by john ford (d. peter bogdanovich)

-the act of seeing with one's own eyes (d. stan brakhage)

*minnie and moskowitz (d. john cassavetes) with gena rowlands, seymour cassel, val avery, and timothy carey

play misty for me (d. clint eastwood)

-the hired hand (d. peter fonda) cinematography by vilmos zsigmond

-about me: a musical set in new york city (d. robert frank)

*the french connection (d. william friedkin) cinematography by owen roizman

-nostalgia (d. hollis frampton)

*barn rushes (d. larry gottheim)

-isy boukir (d. nancy graves)

-who is harry kellerman and why is he saying those terrible things about me? (d. ulu grosbard)

*two-lane blacktop (d. monte hellman) with warren oates and harry dean stanton

-plaza suite (d. arthur hiller) with walter matthau

-swamp (d. nancy holt & robert smithson)

-fiddler on the roof (d. norman jewison)

-a clockwork orange (d. stanley kubrick) cinematography by john alcott, not really american

-kotch (d. jack lemmon) with walter matthau

-the anderson tapes (d. sidney lumet)

-a new leaf (d. elaine may) with walter matthau

-carnal knowledge (d. mike nichols)

-drive, he said (d. jack nicholson)

-klute (d. alan j. pakula) cinematography by gordon willis

the tragedy of macbeth (d. roman polanski) not really american

*play it again sam (d. herbert ross) with woody allen, diane keaton and tony roberts

vanishing point (d. richard c. sarafian) cinematography by john a. alonzo

-hand catching lead (d. richard serra)

-the beguiled (d. don siegel)

*dirty harry (d. don siegel)

*la région centrale (d. michael snow)

*duel (d. steven spielberg) with dennis weaver

-lawman (d. michael winner)

vanishing point (d. richard c. sarafian)

elliot gould in little murders (d. alan arkin)