Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1972, it's a sicilian message, it means luca brasi swims with the fishes

-everything you aways wanted to know about sex * but were afraid to ask (d. woody allen)

-images (d. robert altman)

-lucifer rising (d. kenneth anger)

*tomorrow (d. joseph anthony) with robert duvall

bad company (d. robert benton) with jeff bridges and john savage, cinematography by gordon willis

what's up, doc? (d. peter bogdanovich) with randy quaid and m. emmet walsh, cinematography by lászló kovács

*deliverance (d. john boorman) with jon voight and ned beatty, cinematography by vilmos zsigmond

the wold shadow (d. stan brakhage)

*the godfather (d. francis ford coppola) with john cazale, robert duvall, sterling hayden and many others, cinematography by gordon willis

the last house on the left (d. wes craven)

-frenzy (d. alfred hitchcock)

*fat city (d. john huston) with stacy keach and jeff bridges, cinematography by conrad l. hall

the offence (d. sidney lumet)

-the great northfield minnesota raid (d. philip kaufman) with cliff robertson and robert duvall

the heartbreak kid (d. elaine may)

-reminiscences of a journey to lithuania (d. jonas mekas)

-night of the cobra women (d. andrew meyer)

-take off (d. gunvor nelson)

-moon pool (d. gunvor nelson)

-cisco pike (d. bill l. norton) with harry dean stanton, gene hackman and kris kristofferson

junior bonner (d. sam peckinpah) with ben johnson, steve mcqueen, robert preston and ida lupino, cinematography by lucien ballard. easily peckinpah's best

-the getaway (d. sam peckinpah) cinematography by lucien ballard

jeremiah johnson (d. sydney pollack)

-the king of marvin gardens (d. bob rafelson) cinematography by lászló kovács

the candidate (d. michael ritchie) with peter boyle and allen garfield

pete 'n' tillie (d. martin ritt) with walter matthau

j.w. coop (d. cliff robertson)

-pocket money (d. stuart rosenberg) with paul newman, cinematography by lászló kovács

last of the red hot lovers (d. gene saks) with alan arkin, sally kellerman and paula prentiss

the man (d. joseph sargent) with burgess meredith

boxcar bertha (d. martin scorsese)

-joe kidd (d. john sturges) with clint eastwood

avanti? (d. billy wilder) with jack lemmon

deadhead miles (d. vernon zimmerman) written by terrence malik

images from j.w. coop (d. cliff robertson)

slim pickens in the getaway (d. sam peckinpah)

john cazale

the godfather (d. francis ford coppola)