Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1977, in heaven, everything is fine. in heaven, everything is fine. you've got your good things. and i've got mine.

*news from home (d. chantal akerman) nyc film, cinematography by babette mangolte

annie hall (d. woddy allen) cinematography by gordon willis

3 women (d. robert altman)

-11 x 14 (d. james benning)

*the late show (d. robert benton) with art carney and lily tomlin

killer of sheep (d. charles burnett)

*opening night (d. john cassavetes)

-valse triste (d. bruce conner)

*rabid (d. david cronenberg) not american, but close

-powers of ten (d. charles & ray eames)

-the worlds of franklin and jefferson (d. charles & ray eames)

-the gauntlet (d. clint eastwood)

-black sunday (d. john frankenheimer)

-scorcerer (d. william friedkin) the wages of fear with roy scheider

untitled (d. ernie gehr)

-the greatest (d. tom gries & monte hellman)

-equus (d. sidney lumet)

*eraserhead (d. david lynch)

-bobby deerfield (d. sydney pollack) with al pacino, cinematography by henri decaë

martin (d. george a. romero)

-macarthur (d. joseph sargent)

-new york, new york (d. martin scorsese) cinematography by lászló kovács

the duellists (d. ridley scott)

-telefon (d. don siegel)

the late show (d. robert benton)

eraserhead (d. david lynch)