Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1974, since when did william p. moran of detroit michigan become preeminent in the field?

-thieves like us (d. robert altman)

*california split (d. robert altman) with elliot gould and george segal

8 1/2 x 11 (d. james benning)

-daisy miller (d. peter bogdanovich)

-the text of light (d. stan brakhage)

-dark star (d. john carpenter)

*a women under the influence (d. john cassavetes)

*thunderbolt and lightfoot (d. michael cimino) with clint eastwood, jeff bridges and gary busey

the conversation (d. francis ford coppola) with john cazale, gene hackman, allen garfield and robert duvall, cinematography by bill butler

the godfather part II (d. francis ford coppola) with john cazale, harry dean stanton (as fbi agent) and lee strasberg, cinematography by gordon willis

eureka (d. ernie gehr)

*cockfighter (d. monte hellman) with warren oates and harry dean stanton, cinematography by néstor almendros

points of view: clock tower (d. nancy holt)

-busting (d. peter hyams) with elliot gould, allen garfield

the white dawn (d. philip kaufman) with warren oates

lovin' molly (d. sidney lumet)

*murder on the orient express (d. sidney lumet) cinematography by geoffrey unsworth

harry and tonto (d. paul mazursky) with art carney and his cat, cinematography by michael c. butler

the parallax view (d. alan j. pakula) cinematography by gordon willis

bring me the head of alfredo garcia (d. sam peckinpah) with warren oates

chinatown (d. roman polanski) cinematography by john a. alonzo

the taking of pelham one two three (d. joseph sargent) with walter matthau, robert shaw, martin balsam and hector elizondo, cinematography by enrique bravo and owen roizman

*italianamerican (d. martin scorsese) documentary on his parents

*alice doesn't live here anymore (d. martin scorsese) with harvey keitel

the black windmill (d. don siegel)

-'rameau's nephew' by diderot (thanx to dennis young) by wilma schoen (d. michael snow)

*the sugarland express (d. steven spielberg) cinematography by vilmos zsigmond

road movie (d. joseph strick)

*edvard munch (d. peter watkins) canadian

-f is for fake (d. orson welles)

- the front page (d. billy wilder) with jack lemmon, walter matthau and allen garfield

death wish (d. michael winner)

harry and tonto (d. paul mazursky)

harry dean stanton

the godfather part II (d. francis ford coppola)

(on a side note, so many great films from the year of my birth, making me feel in good company)