Saturday, September 15, 2007

illshapen or black or deranged, fugitive of all order, strangers in everyland

m swiezynski (regency san francisco)

with new music, from the collection of arthur de eriomém

-david sylvian: when loud weather buffeted naoshima, samadhisound 2007
with clive bell, christian fennesz, arve henriksen, akira rabelais, and david sylvian
-ov: noctilucent valleys, soft abuse 2007
with christine boepple & loren chasse
-guiseppe ielasi: august, 12k 2007
-m83: digital shades vol. 1, m83 2007
-lost in hildurness: mount a, tonar 2006
-david lynch: soundtrack for inland empire and mulholland drive
-supersilent: supersilent 8, rune grammofon 2007
-john hudak: highway, editionellipsis 2000
-andrew deutsch: loops over land, divine frequency records 2005
-eric cordier: osorezan selected field recording 1993 - 2006, herbal records 2007
-andrew chalk & daisuke suzuki: the days after, faraway press 2007
-christian wallumrod: the zoo is far, ecm 2007
with arve henriksen, gjermund larsen, tanja orning, giovanna pessi, per oddvar johansen
-eric la casa: fonderie.paccard, collectif & cie 2001
-sir richard bishop: polytheistic fragments, drag city 2007
-machinefabriek: piano.wav, 2007
-stefano pilia: the suncrows fall and tree, sedimental 2007

( i have been asked by the often enigmatic and elusive arthur de eriomém (financial supporter of theartofmemory) to organize and assess his music collection [abstract and minimal] and post my findings on this webpage. so the post following this one will be classical composers that have contributed to the history of drone and abstract music [from the collection] titled: abstractions, monochromes and minimalism, part 3 (music & drone related). hopefully a list of contemporary artists will follow, and ones like this [which are recent acquisitions]. mr. eriomém's one requirement of his theartofmemory page is that it be more "list oriented" and "a bit shy on the verbiage and jargon". because mr eriomém has chosen his profesion to be an antiquarian bookseller, we must remember that these lists will be small, and his history monetarily challenged. but mr. eriomém always remembers ludwig mies van der rohe's fine words "less is more".)

((title from cormac mccarthy's suttree, 1979))


Milena said...

I just got Lynch's Inland Empire but I didn't watch it yet :)

I like Sylvian's music but have only two albums - Dead Bees on a Cake & Blemish.

the art of memory said...

a truly beautiful film. and great sound.
i like those 2 sylvian discs. this one is more ambient, lots of silence.
he has some really odd titles doesn't he?

Milena said...

He has indeed!

Anonymous said...

I do like the picture. I want to ask you, what do you think about the films by Carax?

the art of memory said...

i have wanted to see pola x, mainly because i love scott walker. you like them?

Anonymous said...

i like them, the pola x one is great for it all goes so nicely downhill, it's like as if he has taken the classical hollywood shit with the happy end, but then backwards, the happy end is in the beginning and then lots of strange things happen, if harsh one could say always at the edge of cornyness, but not at all corny if you really take it serious. saw it a long time ago, but still impressed, and then there is the beautiful Melville/Pierre....