Saturday, September 8, 2007

intended to be used for making inscriptions in memory

new film by m swiezynski, 2007
(shot at eno river, nc, sound by m swiezynski)

ready soon for distribution by joe squirrel production company ltd. with offices in bakersfield, fresno and piedmont california, please contact for more information


god-free morals said...

your blog is so big it crashed my crappy laptop!

still i keep returning, have yet to look through it all but im liking what i see so far.

best wishes,


sroden said...

these sir are spectacular...! remind me of closing my eyelids on a bright summer day and moving the lids ever so slightly so the reds move and strange images form... can't wait to see the film.

the art of memory said...

thank you both.
steve, i have instructed joe squirell limited to send a copy to you. (in a month or 2 hopefully)
they are an outfit that pays top dollar for works that deal in hypnagogic vision.
it was created almost like that, i was prenteding i was josef von sternberg, and that the river was marlene dietrich. and that the river was called "eno" was a bonus.