Tuesday, September 11, 2007

seventies cinema, (there is abundent evidence)

the following 10 entries are some basic lists of american films from the seventies.

these lists are mostly films i enjoy watching, and films i have wanted to see, with a bit of an attempt to mention more obscure classics. it is not a complete list.
i plan on adding to this list as i see more (and i surely have forgotten some).

in addition, an attempt (though not thorough) has been made to list many of the cinematographers and character actors that made these films so

the conversation (d. francis ford coppola)

for a link of the 11 entries on seventies films, go here
for an essential cinema list, go here
and a condensed version of the essential cinema, go here

(* indicates personal favourites)

(((also, i am a bit loose with "american")))


the art of memory said...

the first person to guess the correct film titles to the entry quotes, is a true gentleman or a true lady, and wins a handshake.

dave said...

An impressive series of lists!

Woolgathersome said...

Be still my heart...

the art of memory said...

thank you kindly. and thanks for the help homer.

jgrzinich said...

I really like the mood in "the conversation". I'm sure it has something to do with the production style of that time. There must have been more experimentation going on than we realize.

the art of memory said...

the sound is pretty interesting in the film, when the voices don't get picked up perfectly by the shotgun mics, there is some odd distortion. not very realistic, but gives the film an irregular feel.
film is mostly so conservative now in comparison.
have you seen the 5 for ozu? the soundwork is stunning, esp. the last shot. same with inland empire.

sroden said...

let me be the first to say you've completely lost your mind...:-)... wonderful!