Tuesday, October 30, 2007

an occult memory system (a system mysteriously of the memory)

an occult memory system, 2007
new video by m swiezynski with music by richard skelton on bowed guitar and stuart green on concertina
(all titles from francis amelia yates' the art of memory)

shot in the blue ridge mountains, north carolina using high definition technology, nd + red filters and a vehicle.

this is film #5 of a planned 8 film project for the year of 2007 (3 more to go)


shades said...

Have you ever listened the Lutoslawski piece ... 3 poemes by Henri Michaux ?

i like your new work, wonderful graphism in it,relates to:''''' hand-writing,dinamyc of thoughts, '''''' and its expression in visual, to Michaux ''' and mechanic drawings of surrealists but goes ''''''''' beyond all with atmosphere,highly personal . You can see the music nerve in it, its more than visual cose those are soundful shots. Love it!

the art of memory said...

thank you, that is right on with michaux, i love him, and pray to his photo everynight, but i have not heard that piece. thanks for telling me about it.
i never thought about these trees in relation to him, but you are right. and music being the number one drive, being abstract by nature.

Susy said...

Congratulations to your blog... great artwork!

the art of memory said...