Monday, December 17, 2007

days of heaven (thirteen)

terrence malick: days of heaven, 1978

cinematography: néstor almendros with additional work by haskell wexler, camera operator: john bailey

hieronymus bosch: the temptations of st. anthony


Daniel said...

When color actually meant an aesthetic decision and commitment...sigh. Lovely!

the art of memory said...

it's great criterion is putting these great 70s movies out, i hope they do more.
i agree about the color, reminds me of luis cuadrado's work in the spirit of the beehive.
so many contemporary art films look so antiseptic in comparison.

Daniel said...

Yes, colored lushness is not exactly a regular feature of art films these days, except maybe for Wong and Denis.

the art of memory said...

have you seen into great silence? not a perfect film but nice cinematography and sound work.
rewatching the jarmusch criterions has been nice as well, real intense grain, just beautiful films to look at.