Saturday, December 8, 2007

ford at fox

ford at fox: 24 films from john ford’s years with twentieth century fox where he made more than 50 films from 1920 through 1952

disc 1: what price glory
disc 2: my darling clementine
disc 3: how green was my valley
disc 4: tobacco road
disc 5: grapes of wrath
disc 6: drums along the mohawk
disc 7: wee willie winkie
disc 8: young mister lincoln
disc 9: prisoner on shark island
disc 10: steamboat around the bend
disc 11: world moves on
disc 12: pilgrimage/born reckless
disc 13: doctor bull/judge priest
disc 14: four men and a prayer/seas beneath
disc 15: when willie comes home/up the river
disc 16: four sons
disc 17: three bad men/hangman's house
disc 18: just pals
disc 19: becoming john ford documentary
disc 20: the iron horse special edition uk version
disc 21: the iron horse us edition

some books:
-john ford by peter boddanovich
-john ford interviews by gerald peary (editor)
-about john ford by lindsay anderson
-john ford: the complete films by scott eyman/paul duncan (editors)
-searching for john ford: a life by joseph mcbride
-john ford: the man and his films by tag gallagher
-pappy: the life of john ford by dan ford

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