Sunday, April 8, 2007

addendum to the essential cinema

more titles for the essential cinema

american mutoscope & biograph co.: the ghost train 1903

lloyd bacon (busby berkeley): footlight parade 1933

bruce baillee: mr. hayashi 1961, castro street 1964, all my life 1966

sarunas bartas: *works (*in memory of a day gone by 1990, *three days 1991, *the corridor 1994, *few of us 1996, *the house 1997, *freedom 2001)

frank borzage: moonrise 1948

paul burnford: storm 1940-43

mary ellen bute: rythem in light (with melville webber, theodore nemeth) 1934

delmer daves: 3:10 to yuma 1957

sidney gilliat: green for danger 1946

philip gröning: die grosse stille 2005

kon ichikawa: the burmese harp 1956, fires on the plain 1959

otar iosselliani: falling leaves 1968, there was once a singing blackbird 1970, pastorale 1976

fritz lang: the return of frank james 1940

david lynch: the straight story 1999, inland empire 2006

mikio naruse: when a women ascends the stairs 1960

ermanno olmi: i fidanzati 1962

yasujiro ozu: late spring 1949

sergei parajanov: shadows of forgotten ancestors 1964

henwar rodakiewicz: portrait of a young man 1925-31

georges rouquier: *farrebique ou les quatre saisons 1946

vittorio de sica: the children are watching us 1947

douglas sirk: tarnished angels 1958

steven spielberg: duel 1970

ralph steiner: h2o 1929, surf & seaweed 1929/30

andrei tarkovsky: ivan's childhood 1963

king vidor: man without a star 1955

slavko vorkapich and john hoffman: moods of sea 1941

james white (for edison): paris exposition films 1900

robert wise: blood on the moon 1948

* indicates films i haven't seen.

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