Sunday, April 22, 2007

generated most commonly through either thermal convection or frontal lifting

cloud images

i gave up my lucrative career as a cloud photographer to be an antiquarian, which i regret now. but here are some of my previous studies that were published in numerous scientific magazines and periodicals, mainly in the fine french journal ivrogne (soûlard, alcoolique).


kclare said...

Never abandon your calling, Swiezynski. You have a way with the vapours and a real talent charming the nimbi....


the art of memory said...

thank you, i am about to start a new "magic hour" cloud series with the fancy canon, will post some stills soon i hope.
then, the money will start flowing in again, and i need it....

Anonymous said...

You should certainly consider going back into photography full time, these are gorgeous!

Perhaps an overly simplified quick viewing: but they remind me of very late Rothko: the black on grey works, and their tonalities of both vacancy & restraint in the face of that overwhelming vacancy.



the art of memory said...

thanks tim, those are very kind words.
i am trying to make my videos look like these photos now, which is tough because of the low light. i could send a dvd when i get one together.
late rothko makes me week at the knees, i am honored.