Wednesday, April 4, 2007


highlights from recent trip to manhattan.


otto piene.
untitled (smoke drawing). 1959

arnulf rainer.
bird scratches. 1968

william anastasi.
60 minutes. (1987)

william anastasi.
untitled (11.13.01 wynn kramarsky 14:50). 2001

jean dubuffet.
soul of the underground. vence, december. 1959

empire. 1964 day

andy warhol.
empire. 1964 evening

robert rauschenberg.
untitled (asheville citizen). c. 1952

the metropolitan:

petrus christus.
portrait of a carthusian. 1446

hans membling.
tommaso di folco portinari (1428–1501). 1470

the frick collection:

johannes vermeer.
mistress and maid. 1665-1670

giovanni bellini.
st. francis in the desert. 1480

the morgan library:

hans memling.
kneeling female donor with st. anne & young man at prayer with st. william of maleval. 1470

and the man about town:

the chrysler building. 1930 william van alen (thinking of warhol)

seagrams building, 1957 mies van der rohe

central park

paul rudolph house beekman place

the east village in the rain

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