Sunday, April 8, 2007

hymns to the night

endless and full of mystery
sweet trembling courses through us-
to me it seems an echo sounds
out of the deep distance of our grief.
our loved ones too may be longing for us,
and sent to us this yearning breath.

down now to the sweet bride, on
to jesus, to the beloved-
take heart, evening's darkling greys
to the loving, to the grieving.
a dream will break our fetters off,
and sink us forever in our father's lap.

..........a cold north wind blew unfriendly over the frozen plain, and the rigid place of wonders
dissipated into the ether. heaven's distances filled up with glowing worlds. into the deeper sanctuary, into the soul's higher realm the world's soul drew up with its powers-to rule there till the break of dawning world splendor. no longer was the Light the seat of the gods or the heavenly sign-over themselves they drew the veil of Night. Night became the mighty womb of revelations-the gods few back into it-and fell asleep, only to go out in new and more splendid forms over the changed world................

novalis (dick higgins)

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kclare said...

So nice to see a little Novalis on Easter...I'm still searching for a hardcover of Hymns...K