Thursday, April 5, 2007

plants & earth

hugo simberg in the garden of death 1896

max klinger terrace 1879

johann wolfgang von goethe budding, flowering, and branching systems 1786/87

robert rauschenberg dirt painting (for john cage) 1953 & untitled (gold painting) 1953

jean dubuffet la physique du sol (texturologie xxiii) 1958

jean dubuffet vie exemplaire du sol (texturologie lxiii) 1958

-the painter's garden: design, inspiration, delight, hatje cantz.
-formless: a user's guide, yve-alain bois and rosalind e. krauss, zone.
-jean dubuffet: the radiant earth, pace wildenstein.


kclare said...

I love the Goethe! Is the Klinger from The Painter's Garden?

I picked up a nice book on Klinger last time I was in NYC...

sroden said...

i love goethe's drawings but i've never seen THAT ONE!!!!! jeez, just incredible. we visited his houses in weimar a few years ago and unfortunately i couldn't get a picture of the little display case with his rock collection, which was absolutely dusty, broken, and wonderful. thanks for posting that drawing, it's stellar.

the art of memory said...

all of the images except dubuffet and rauschenberg were from the painters garden, a great book, it has anna atkins, goethe and lots of other fine fellows.
the goethe is great, i mainly put it up because i figured the 2 of you would dig it.
i tried to go to his house a while back but didn't have the time, that time i went to germany i brought along the sorrows of young werther.
great reading for the ambiance of germany.