Thursday, April 19, 2007

rain & snow.......daniels & zsigmond

2 cinematographers and their use of water (or weather).

-rain in brute force, 1947 directed by jules dassin, cinematography by william h. daniels.
the beginning of this classic prison break film by jules dassin has various shots of the building in extreme rain, and sets the tone for the rest of the film (turbulent and unpredictable).

-snow in mccabe & mrs. miller, 1971 directed by robert altman, cinematography by vilmos zsigmond.
the ending follows warren beatty around as he is hunted in the snowy landscape, which worsens over the remainder of the film, until the screen is nearly white.
this section of the film was shot during a nine day snow outside of vancouver, and further heightened by double exposing snow over what was already shot.
the photography by vilmos zsigmond reminds me of the snow paintings by pieter bruegel.

rain in brute force:

snow in mccabe & mrs. miller:

the day begins...

clouds and god

bruegel image

bruegel image

pieter bruegel, hunters in the snow 1565

some films:

vilmos zsigmond (1930-):
-mccabe & mrs. miller 1971 (d. robert altman)
-deliverance 1972 (d. john boorman)
-the long goodbye 1973 (d. robert altman)
-the sugarland express 1974 (d. steven spielberg)
-the deer hunter 1978 (d. michael cimino)
-heaven's gate 1980 (d. michael cimino)

william h. daniels (1901-1970):
-foolish wives 1922 (d. erich von stroheim)
-greed 1924 (d. erich von stroheim)
-queen kelly,uncredited 1929 (d. erich von stroheim)
-grand hotel 1932 (d. edmund goulding)
-dinner at eight 1933 (d. george cukor)
-anna karenina 1935 (d. clarence brown)
-ninotchka 1939 (d. ernst lubitsch)
-another thin man 1939 (d. w.s. van dyke)
-the shop around the corner 1940 (d. ernst lubitsch)
-shadow of the thin man 1941 (d. w.s. van dyke)
-brute force 1947 (d. jules dassin)
-lured 1947 (d. douglas sirk)
-the naked city 1948 (d. jules dassin)
-winchester '73 1950 (d. anthony mann)
-harvey 1950 (d. henry koster)
-pat and mike 1952 (d. george cukor)
-the glenn miller story 1953 (d. anthony mann)
-the far country 1954 (d. anthony mann)
-the benny goodman story 1955 (d. valentine davies)
-night passage 1957 (d. james neilson)
-my man godfrey 1957 (d. henry koster)
-cat on a hot tin roof 1958 (d. richard brooks)

look here for more cinematographers.


kclare said...

Until my third time viewing this post, I really did think the first Bruegel was a McCabe and Mrs. Miller still.... Beautiful post!!!

the art of memory said...

it is mccabe and mrs miller, the only bruegel was the painter at the end.
just a trick.
the one with the fellows running is the most bruegelian i think, is that the one you mean?
those hungarians can relate to him better i think...
and the poles.

kclare said...

No, I fell into the trick (admittedly, I was probably looking at the image from the corner of my eye). But just ask Tarrl, I'm kind of Queen Gullible at times - don't even question the mystery... Barry Fitzgerald could show up on the doorstep and invite me for tea and I'd go without blinking...

the art of memory said...

that codger barry f. could trick the devil.
i am glad though, it was the first thing i thought watching that part of the movie, god it is such a great work.
i was telling t. to watch it with the altman commentary which is real informative, and entertaining as well.