Wednesday, May 5, 2010

dark forests seeing the sky

it's so cold in the mountains
not just now but always
dim ridges eternally suck in snow
dark forests spray mist
plants grow after grain ears
leaves fall before autumn begins
and a long lost traveller here
peers without seeing the sky


i've lived on cold mountain now
already a few million years
trusting fate i fled to woods and springs
to linger and gaze where i will
no one comes to the cliffs
white clouds keep them shrouded
fine grass serves as a mattress
blue sky does for a quilt
happy with a rock for a pillow
let heaven and earth transform

the collected songs of cold mountain - translated from chinese by red pine
in relation to brice marden - cold mountain studies 10, from a series of thirty-five sheets, 1988-90
thanks to chester for bringing in book - beautiful dust-jacket and book design

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