Sunday, May 2, 2010

i suddenly became interested in another kind of sound and pulse

in both cases the elegy side of the music has drawn me more. i was always interested in the ballads, i was interested in the elegies, and the clarity. as far back as i can remember i was searching for music that has lucidity, clarté in the french sense. i preferred it to the dark or the opaque.

a very good model, all the time, was for me the sound of miles' kind of blue and bill evans, how he sounded there. the musicians, the engineering team and teo macero as the producer established a special sound i liked very much. and i also like bill evan's early riverside recordings, produced by orrin keepnews, and in classical music i liked rca, the early recordings, and the recordings of decca and dg, including most of their archiv albums. it was an honest sound concept.

from an interview with manfred eicher in horizons touched - the music of ecm

also related -
listening to:

- kim doo soo - evening river - p.s.f. records - 2010
- barn owl - the conjurer - root strata - 2009
- jana winderen - energy field - touch - 2010
- neil young - will to love/cortez the killer/dead man theme lp - reprise records - 2010
- carsten nicolai - aleph-1 - ideal recordings/raster-noton - 2007
- king crimson - red (dvd version)
- food - quiet inlet - ecm - 2010 (iain ballamy, thomas strønen, fennesz, nils petter molvær)
- david bowie songs - aladdin sane, panic in detroit, time, prettiest star, the jean genie, changes, life on mars, john i'm only dancing (she turns me on), 'heroes' (because we are lovers, and that is that), sense of doubt, moss garden, neuköln, space oddity, letter to hermione, cygnet committee, janine, wild eyed boy from freecloud, god knows i'm good, memory of a free festival, an occasional dream, let me sleep beside you, london, bye, ta-ta, conversation piece, ziggy stardust, china girl (iggy pop - the idiot), mass production (iggy pop - the idiot), low album and some more...

*title refers to - when first hearing miles davis
**image - detail of m swiezynski watercolour

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