Friday, May 21, 2010

le fleuve

jean renoir - the river - 1951
cinematography - claude renoir (technicolor)
camera operator - ramananda sen gupta
assistant director - satyajit ray (1 of 4)

"renoir had come to calcutta to scout locations for the river. (satyajit) ray walked into the hotel where renoir was staying and sought a meeting. soon ray was accompanying renoir on his trips in search of locations to outskirts of calcutta during the weekends.

seeing his enthusiasm and knowledge about cinema, renoir asked him if he was thinking of becoming a filmmaker. to his own surprise, ray said yes and gave renoir a brief outline of pather panchali, which he had recently illustrated" 1949 encounter *


Duck said...

I actually like this better than the more famous ones. Also, that's a great story about Ray.

the art of memory said...

i agree, and so does scorsese, his interview is interesting on the criterion, talks about not being able to relate to rules of the game.

Tororoshiru said...

Le Fleuve is a strangely haunting movie...
... interesting story abour Ray too!

the art of memory said...

yes, haunting