Wednesday, June 20, 2007

edward hopper

east river 1920-23

the sheridan theatre 1937

new york movie 1939



i have been drooling over the edward hopper catalogue raisonné now for a while (it is $250.00). since i can't afford it, i look at it from time to time at work. here are some images from volume IV, the cd-rom of his works, including his journals.
a great book on hopper's journals/notebooks is: edward hopper: a journal of his work which is facsimiles of the notebooks (a selection only) assembled and maintained by his wife jo (now out-of-print).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

«der process»

page 1

page 30

from the kafka project the trial, "im dom" chapter

Sunday, June 17, 2007

fritz arno wagner, cinematographer & 13 stills from mabuse

fritz arno wagner (1894-1958)

key cinematographer of the german expressionist movement, wagner worked most notable with directors f.w. murnau, g.w. pabst and fritz lang. wagner received his training from the academy of fine arts in paris, then went on to work at pathe film company as a clerk.
his most noteworthy contributions can be seen in murnau's nosferatu, pabst's die liebe der jeanne ney and die 3groschenoper, and lang's destiny, spione, m and das testament des dr. mabuse.
"but it was in the portrayal of horror that the camera of murnau and fritz arno wagner excelled" the haunted screen by lotte eisner
the influence of wagner's camera can seen notably in american film noir with its fascination with blackness (lack of light, the obsession with night), the visual influence and use of modernist architecture in film, and the persistent depiction and glorification of vice and sin.

das testament des dr. mabuse 1933
fritz lang):

13 stills from the opening sequence of fritz lang's das testament des dr. mabuse (at the forger's factory)
a beautiful early example of film noir. the pulsing drone soundtrack is also very unique, the other 2 films i immediately think of which feature such an intense audio abstraction are: the beginning of peckinpah's the getway and lynch's eraserhead.

some films:
-schloß vogeloed 1921 (d. f.w. murnau)
-der müde tod 1921 aka destiny (d. fritz lang)
-de brennende acker 1922 aka burning soil (d. f.w. murnau)
-nosferatu, eine symphonie des grauens 1922 (d. f.w. murnau)
-die liebe der jeanne ney 1927 (d. georg wilhelm pabst)
-spione 1928 (d. fritz lang)
-tagebuch einer verlorenen 1929 aka diary of a lost girl (d. georg wilhelm pabst)
-westfront 1918 1930 (d. georg wilhelm pabst)
-die 3groschenoper 1931 (d. georg wilhelm pabst)
-m 1931 (d. fritz lang)
-kameradschaft 1931 aka comradeship (d. georg wilhelm pabst)
-das testament des dr. mabuse 1933 (d. fritz lang)
-der mann, der sherlock holmes war 1937 (d. karl hartl)

Friday, June 15, 2007

dreaming out of windows

joseph cornell's dreams

december 18, 1965:

dreaming out of windows

march 8, 1968:

surprise span of the night - going on 5 am
vs. earlier awakenings in halluc. experience...

eggs + nest converted into children

november 15, 1969:

field mouse
dream of mouse
live coals walking right into them unscathed

new book of catherine corman's anthology of dream entries from cornell's diaries, published by exact change of cambridge mass.

(forgive my multiple entries)

antonio lópez garcía, from la mancha

maria, 1972, pencil on paper

home of antonio lópez torres (uncle), 1972-75, pencil on paper

2 drawings by antonio lópez garcía, painter from la mancha

some fine sites to cogitate on:
tim lowly site
antonio lópez garcía: timeless realism in a spanish key
(which has this quote from lópez garcía: "the best art of [antiquity] achieves an emotional intensity that transcends individual achievement, its creators...were expressing a collective feeling that was beyond their individual limitations as artists. that, to me, is quite wonderful. the art of antiquity is like a paradise lost.")
víctor erice's film el sol del membrillo

Thursday, June 14, 2007

bright lights of moscow stations flashing into view and vanishing again behind me

i was on a train, travelling by day, but it was winter-time - late december, the very depths - and to add to it the train was heading north - to leningrad - so it was quickly darkening on the other side of the windows - bright lights of moscow stations flashing into view and vanishing again behind me like the scattering of some invisible hand - each snow-veiled suburban platform with its fleeting row of lamps melting into one fiery ribbon - the dull drone of a station rushing past, as if the train were roaring over a bridge - the sound muffled by the double-glazed windows with frames not quite hermetically sealed into fogged-up, half-frozen panes of glass - pierced even so by the station-lights forcefully etching their line of fire - and beyond, the sense of boundless snowy wastes - and the violent sway of the carriage from side to side - pitching and rolling - especially in the end corridor - and outside, once complete darkness had fallen and only the hazy whiteness of snow was visible

from leonid tsypkin's novel summer in baden-baden (first sentence)

m swiezynski leaving berlin at night to venice
(by train) 2005

Monday, June 11, 2007

having replied with his "good evening", he became surpised at himself

many fine books on melancholia,
that i look forward to browsing when visiting the home of mr. arthur de eriomém

title from f. dostoevsky: the eternal husband 1870 (page 154 pevear/volokhonsky)

Friday, June 8, 2007

untitled 1978, michael heizer

from wright auction catalogue 22 may 2007, lot 508

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

prehistoric architecture in the eastern united states

page 75, perkins: scott, mississippi

prehistoric architecture in the eastern united states by william n. morgan, 1980 mit press

great book on pre-land art structures in the united states, specifically native american architecture from about 2200 bc to ad 1500.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the essential cinema, condensed

top 30 from the essential cinema list

1. robert bresson: pickpocket 1959
2. andrei tarkovsky: andrei rublev 1969
3. akira kurosawa: seven samurai 1954
4. michael snow: la région centrale 1971
5. ernie gehr: signal-germany on the air 1982-85
6. jean-pierre melville: le samouraï 1967
7. john ford: my darling clementine 1946
8. william wellman: the ox-bow incident 1943
9. bela tarr: satantango 1994
10. howard hawks: red river 1948
11. martin scorsese: mean streets 1973
12. wong kar-wai: in the mood for love 2001
13. anthony mann: the tin star 1957
14. john huston: the treasure of the sierra madre 1948
15. john cassavetes: the killing of a chinese bookie 1976
16. jules dassin: rififi 1955
17. robert siodmak: criss cross 1949
18. stanley kubrick: the killing 1956
19. david lean: brief encounter 1946
20. krzysztof kieslowski: trois couleurs: bleu, blanc, rouge 1993-94
21. terrence malik: the thin red line 1998
22. roman polanski: chinatown 1974
23. micheal powell & emeric pressburger: 49th parallel 1941
24: nicholas ray: in a lonely place 1950
25. william friedkin: the french connection 1971
26. ingmar bergman: scenes from a marriage 1973 & 1974
27. michelangelo antonioni: l'eclisse 1962
28. robert altman: mccabe & mrs. miller 1971
29. woody allen: broadway danny rose 1984
30. carl theodor dreyer: ordet 1955

4 images of beauty and abstraction from krzysztof kieslowski's: trois couleurs: rouge 1994

the tin star

an exciting opening sequence found in anthony mann's the tin star, 1957.
masterfully photographed by loyal griggs.
the sequence is 10 shots over 2 minutes and thirty seconds. henry fonda as a bounty hunter rides into town with a dead man.
reminiscent of tarkovsky, or the ending of the passenger, but with less attention to its form.
also, take a look at this months film comment for an interesting article on anthony mann by richard combs.