Friday, August 31, 2012

i might be dreaming (follow pain and bleed me)

if i may, and if i might, lay me down weeping
if i say, what is like, i might be dreaming
if i may, what is right, so many time, see me heal

those years in his vomit
a phrase from his pocket
and chains holding the wind, i won't be

do re mi, do re mi
do re mi

if i may, and if i'm right wake me up, see me
if i do, and if i like, find me how to see me
if i may, and cold as ice, i may how to see me

raised in his socket
it fades from his moment
a chase from his socket, i will need

ray dream
do re mi, do re mi
do re mi, do re mi
do re mi

wish me good, and wish me light, break me down, see me
in your way, just be quiet, follow pain and bleed me
yell or wail, and if i sigh, sink me how, tv
if i may, and if i might, gonna go to bleed

praise in his pocket
praise from his moment
a chase from his own in my tea

ray dream
rape me, don't rape me
do re mi, do re mi
don't rape me, do re mi

(kurt cobain)

matthew swiezynski - i might be dreaming (kurt cobain cover)

Monday, August 20, 2012

i'm a farmer in the city

more variations on the léon bonvin getty farmer

Saturday, August 18, 2012

i guess heaven takes care of fools and scoundrels

that little frenchman beats them all.

you can talk all you like
about sherlock holmes.

that little frenchman beats 'em all.

i read it. air bubbles don't
necessarily kill a person.

those writers from the other side
get too fancy.

the best way to commit a murder-
i know, i know.

hit 'em on the head
with a blunt instrument.

well, it's true, isn't it? listen.

if i wanted to murder you tomorrow,
do you think
i'd waste my time on fancy hypodermics?

or on inee?

what's that?

inee. indian arrow poison.


i'd find out if you were alone, walk in,
hit you on the head with a piece
of lead pipe or a loaded cane

what'd be the fun of that?
where's your planning?
where's your clues?

i don't want any clues.
i want to murder you.

what do i want with clues?

well, if you haven't got any clues,
where's your book?

i'm not talkin' 'bout writing books.
i'm talking about killing you!

if i was going to kill you, i wouldn't do
a dumb thing like hitting you on the head.

first of all,
i don't like the fingerprint angle.

of course, i could always wear gloves,
press your hands against the pipe

after you were dead
and make you look like a suicide.

but you wouldn't beat yourself to death.

i'd do it so it didn't look like murder.