Friday, April 4, 2014

family photos my mother sent me part three (sounds like dirt xxxi)

i couldn't stop myself
i knew i'd do it again
but i could heal myself
if i could feel your skin
and if i comprehend, and this moment
i know we'll live again
and if i heal your wound
we will make love again
and now we're slipping through
this millennium
we should feel sorry for the people
and can i kiss your skin?
and there's hunger in the desert
and missiles in the sky
and every soul is interwoven
before the wrong or right
i know we'll live again
though it's just a feeling
i know we'll never end
like there was no beginning
i know it's cold tonight
i'll kiss your velvet skin
i know we'll never end
i'll keep you company

(swans killing for company from the great annihilator)