Friday, April 30, 2010

library images from the house of jung, found in - c.g. jung: the history and restoration of the residence of emma and carl gustav jung-rauschenbach

Monday, April 19, 2010

ecm 1029 in detail - techniques and ideas of the masters

jan garbarek/arild andersen/edward vesala - triptykon (ecm 1029) - 1973
w/ garbarek (tenor, flute), andersen (b), vesala (d)

contemporary critics have trouble considering garbarek as an ayler-oriented player, despite jan's frequent allusions in interview to his influence. yet obviously it is part of any player's apprenticeship to work through the techniques and ideas of the masters, assimilating elements relevant to his own conception. in any case, triptykon makes the connections plain enough. "bruremarsj", the first norwegian folk song on a garbarek record, has a clear-cut affinity to such ayler epics as "truth is marching in" and was approached for exactly this reason.... the triptykon group was europe's equivalent to the ayler/peacock/murray trio, its music revealing a comparable nakedness and troubling beauty. albert's notion of his sound as a "love cry" is also pertinent when one considers the yearning, imploring edge of jan's tone.

from the liner notes by steve lake

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ecm 1368 in detail - music, sound, landscape

paul hillier - proensa (ecm 1368) - 1988
w/ hillier (baritone), stephen stubbs (lute, psaltery), andrew lawrence-king (harp, psaltery), erin headley (vielle)
photography - werner hannappel / design - barbara wojirsch

the songs of the troubadours are the most evocative and alluring remnants of that culture, which once flourished in the former roman empire that is now southern france - provence, proensa. this recital takes words and music from the crumbled remains of that epoch and fashions them into song, well aware that the music is so deeply sunk in time that no one knows precisely how the songs were uttered. yet, left alone, away from theories and unencumbered with elaborate musical arrangements, these songs are remarkable selfsufficient. each melody has a firm, distinct character of its own and enables the poetry to be enchanted into song, without compromising the subtleties of the verse and linguistic color, which is so often the case with more "fixed" settings of words and music. the participation of instruments, by no means essential for any one piece, is here used as an aural counterfoil to the voice, providing interludes between strophes, linking song to song, and sometimes fleshing out the modal shape of a tune to form a background accompaniment.

paul hillier

- above quote works well as a description, or an example, of one of the many unique qualities of the ecm/manfred eicher sound.
- also unique to the label's vision is the relationship of the music (and the quality of sound) to the sparseness of the stones and rocks in the black & white landscape (quite exaggerated by the design and typography).
the camera works similar to the recording studio in capturing and heightening (and also abstracting) rare moments of subtlety and beauty.

(thanks to grasprelease for suggestions which led me to this one)

Friday, April 16, 2010

trains in cinema - the narrow margin

richard fleischer - the narrow margin - 1952
thanks to colin at elevator bath

Thursday, April 15, 2010

(sounds like dirt x) as desperation takes hold

when routine bites hard
and ambitions are low
and resentment rides high
but emotions won't grow
and we're changing our ways
taking different roads
then love, love will tear us apart again
love, love will tear us apart again

why is the bedroom so cold
turned away on your side
is my timing that flawed
our respect (feelings) run so dry
yet there's still this appeal
that we've kept through our lives
but love, love will tear us apart again
love, love will tear us apart again

do you cry out in your sleep
all my failings exposed
and there's a taste in my mouth
as desperation takes hold
is it something so good
just can't function no more
but love, love will tear us apart again...

(joy division)
marin - on shoreline highway, 4.2010, dark was the night

its just like a love story
each individual is nothing on their own
and when they click together, when they are together
it is enormous
annick honoré

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ecm - various lps (1001 to 1299) the most beautiful sound next to silence

listening/re-listening to many classic ecm albums, to get better acquainted with the giant catalogue (see pages 359-441 [1969-2009] in windfall light), using 2 recent publications on the history/recordings as reference.

steve lake & paul griffiths - horizons touched: the music of ecm granta books 2007
lars müller - windfall light: the visual language of ecm lars müller publishers 2010

thinking of connections between musicians, photographers and graphic designers working within the label.


mal waldron - free at last (ecm 1001) 1969
w/ maldron (p), isla eckinger (b), clarence becton (d)
design - rufus vedder

paul bley/gary peacock - paul bley with gary peacock (ecm 1003) 1970
w/ bley (p), peacock (b), paul motian (d), billy elgart (d)
photography - hans harzheim / design - b&b wojirsch

marion brown - afternoon of a georgia faun (ecm 1004) 1970
w/ marion brown (alto, zomari, percussion), jack gregg (b,d), billy malone (d: side b), andrew cyrille (d), larry curtis (d: side b). chick corea (p, bells, gong, percussion), anthony braxton (alto, soprano, clarinet, clarinet [contra-bass], chinese musette, flute, percussion), bennie maupin (tenor, alto flute, bass, clarinet, wooden flute, acorn, bells, percussion), william green (top o' lin, percussion: side b), jeanne lee (voice, percussion), gayle palmore (voice, p. percussion)
design - dieter henkel

jan garbarek - afric pepperbird (ecm 1007) 1970
w/ garbarek (reeds, flute, percussion), arild andersen (b, p), terje rypdal (g), jon christensen (d)
design - barbara wojirsch

paul bley - ballads (ecm 1010) 1971
w/ bley (p), gary peacock (b side a), mark levinson (b side b) barry altschul (d)
design - b&b wojirsch

dave holland/barre philips - music for two basses (ecm 1011) 1971
design - b&b wojirsch

bobo stenson/arild andersen/jon christiansen - underwear (ecm 1012) 1971
w/ stenson (p), andersen (b), christiansen (d)
photography - h. cananis, l. gabrielsen / design - b&b wojirsch

jan garbarek - sart (ecm 1015) 1971
w/ garbarek (s, flute), bob stenson (p, e-piano), terje rypdal (g), arild andersen (b), jon christensen (d)
design - b&b wojirsch

terje rypdal - terje rypdal (ecm 1016) 1971
w/ rypdal (guitar, flute), arild andersen (b), bobo stenson (electric piano), ekkehard fintl (oboe, english horn), jon christensen (d), jan garbarek (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet), inger lise rypdal (voice)
design - b&b wojirsch

circle - paris concert (ecm 1018/19) 1971
w/ anthony braxton (reeds, percussion), chick corea (p), david holland (b, cello), barry altschul (d)
design - b&b wojirsch

paul bley - open, to love (ecm 1023) 1973
design - b&b wojirsch

stanley cowell trio - illusion suite (ecm 1026) 1973
w/ cowell (p), stanley clarke (b), jimmy hopps (d)
photography - ed sherman / design - b&b wojirsch

dave holland quartet - conference of the birds (ecm 1027) 1973
w/ holland (b), sam rivers (reeds, flute), anthony braxton (reeds, flute), barry altschul (d)
artwork - dave holland/pueblo designs and the book of signs / design - barbara wojirsch

paul motian - conception vessel (ecm 1028) 1973
w/ motian - (d) charlie haden (b: 1, 3, 6), becky friend (flute: 6), sam brown (guitar: 1, 3), keith jarrett (p: 4), leroy jenkins (violin: 6)
photography - paul motian / design - b&b wojirsch

jan garbarek/arild andersen/edward vesala - triptykon (ecm 1029) 1973
w/ garbarek (tenor, flute), andersen (b), vesala (d)
design - b&b wojirsch

terje rypdal - what comes after - (ecm 1031) 1974
w/ rypdal (g, flute), barre phillips (b), jon christensen (d, organ), erik niord larsen (oboe, corno inglese), sveinung hovensjø (b)
cover photo and design - frieder grindler

ralph towner - diary (ecm 1032) 1974
w/ towner (g [12 string, classical], p, gong)
design - b&b wojirsch

jan garbarek/bobo stenson quartet - witchi-tai-to (ecm 1041) 1974
w/ garbarek (soprano and tenor), stenson (p), palle danielsson (b), jon christensen (d)
photography by paul maar / design by b&b wojirsch

eberhard weber - the colours of cloë (ecm 1042) 1974
w/ weber (b, cello, ocarina), rainer brüninghas (p, synthesizer), peter giger (d), ralf hübner (d), ack van rooyen (flugelhorn), cellos of the südfunk orchestra, stuttgart
artwork - maya weber

bennie maupin - the jewel in the lotus (ecm 1043) 1974
w/ maupin (reeds, voice, glockenspiel), herbie hancock (p, electric piano), buster williams (b), frederick waits (d), billy hart (d), bill summers (percussion), charles sullivan (t)
photography - james lott / design - betye saar
(cd 2007 - cover photo - wunsch.kleis / design - sascha kleis)

julian priester - love, love (ecm 1044) 1974
w/ priester (whistle, trombone, baritone horn, synthesizer, arp synthesizer, cowbells, percussion), bill connors (g), hadley caliman (flute, reeds), mguanda david johnson (flute, soprano), bayete umbra zindiko (p, fender rhodes, clavinet), patrick gleeson (arp, moog, oberheim synthesizer), nyimbo henry franklin (b, ron mcclure (bass guitar), kamau eric gravatt (d), leon "ndugu" chancler (d)
photography - tadayuki naito / design - b&b wojirsch

rypdal - whenever i seem to be far away (ecm 1045) 1974
w/ rypdal (g), sveinung hovensjø (b), odd ulleberg (french horn) - pete knutsen (mellotron, electric piano), jon christensen (percussion), christian hedrich (viola), helmut geiger (violin), südfunk symphony orchestra
photography - tadayuki naito / design - dieter bonhorst

john abercromie - timeless (ecm 1047) 1975
w/ abercrombie (g), jack dejohnette (d), jan hammer (organ, synthesizer, piano)
design - rolf liese

paul motian - tribute (ecm 1048) 1975
w/ motian (d), carlos ward (alto), sam brown (acoustic and electric guitars), paul metzke (electric guitar), charlie haden (b)
design - b&b wojirsch

keith jarrett and jan garbarek - luminessence (ecm 1049) 1975
w/ jan garbarek (s), südfunk symphony orchestra stuttgart
design - b&b wojirsch

bill connors - theme to the gaurdian (ecm 1057) 1975
w/ connors (g)
cover design - frieder grindler

arild andersen - clouds in my head (ecm 1059) 1975
w/ andersen (b), pål thowsen (d), jon balke (p), knut riisnæs (tenor, soprano, flute)
photography - niels hartmann / design - b&b wojirsch

ralph towner - solstice - (ecm 1060) 1975
w/ towner (acoustic 12 string and classical guitar, piano), eberhard weber (b, cello), jon christensen (d), jan garbarek (tenor, soprano, flute)
photography - rainer kiedrowski / design - dieter bonhorst

john abercrombie/dave holland/jach dejohnette - gateway (ecm 1061) 1975
artwork - maja weber / design - dieter bonhorst

colin walcott - cloud dance (ecm 1062) 1976
w/ walcott (sitar, tabla), dave holland (b), jack dejohnette (d), john abercrombie (g)
photography - tadayuki naito / design - dieter bonhorst

enrico rava - the pilgrim and the stars (ecm 1063) 1975
w/ rava (t), john abercrombie (g), palle danielsson (b), jon christensen (d)
cover design and photos - guiseppe pino / layout - barbara wojirsch

keith jarrett - the köln concert (ecm 1064/65) 1975
photography by wolfgang frankenstein / design by b&b wojirsch

eberhard weber - yellow fields (ecm 1066) 1976
w/ weber (b), jon christensen (d), rainer brüninghaus (keyboards), charlie mariano (soprano, shenai, reeds [nagaswaram])
artwork - maja weber / design - dieter bohnhorst

terje rypdal - odyssey (ecm 1067/68) 1975
w/ rypdal (guitar, strings [ensemble], soprano), sveinung hovensjø (b), svein christiansen (d), brynjulf blix (organ), torbjørn sunde (trombone)
photography - giuseppe pino / design - barbara wojirsch

kenny wheeler - gnu high (ecm 1069) 1976
w/ wheeler (flugelhorn), dave holland (b), jack dejohnette (d), keith jarrett (p)
photography - tadayuki naito / design - barbara wojirsch

tomasz stanko - balladyna (ecm 1071) 1976
w/ stanko (t), tomasz szukalski (soprano, tenor), edward vesala (d), dave holland (b)
photography - rainer kiedrowski / design - dieter bonhorst

jan garbarek & bobo stenson quartet - dansere (ecm 1075) 1976
w/ garbarek (saxophones), stenson (p), palle danielsson (b), jon christensen (d)
cover design - frieder grindler

barre phillips - mountainscapes (ecm 1076) 1976
design - frieder grindler

edward vesala - nan madol (ecm 1077) 1976
w/ vesala (d, flute, harp), teppo hauta-aho (b, voice), sakari kukko (flute), elisabeth leistola (harp), charlie mariano (s, flute), pentti lahti (reeds), seppo paakkunainen (s, flute), juhani aaltonen (s, flute, bells, voice), mircea stan (trombone), kaj backlund (t), juhani poutanen (violin, viola, voice, bells)
photography by pawel lucki / design - dieter bonhorst

enrico rava - the plot (ecm 1078) 1977
w/ rava (t), john abercrombie (g), palle danielsson (b), jon christensen (d)
design beatrize vidal

john abercrome and ralph towner - saragosa sea (ecm 1080) 1976
photography - franco fontana / design barbara wojursch

arild andersen - shimri (ecm 1082) 1977
w/ andersen (b), juhani aaltonen (tenor and soprano, flutes, percussion), lars jansson (p), pål thowsen (d/percussion)
photography - lajos keresztes / design - dieter bonhorst

terje rypdal - after the rain (ecm 1083) 1976
w/ rypdal (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer [string ensemble], piano, electric piano, soprano, flute, bells, tubular bells, inger lise rypdal (vocals)
photography - franco fontana / design - dieter bonhorst

eberhard weber - the following morning (ecm 1084) 1977
artwork - maja weber / design - dieter bonhorst

edward vesala - satu (ecm 1088) 1977
w/ vesala (d), palle danielsson (b), rolf malm (clarinet: 1, 2, 4), palle mikkelborg (flugelhorn: 1, 3, t: 2 to 4), juhani aaltonen (flute: 1, 2, alto flute: 3, soprano: 4, tenor: 3) , knut riisnæs (flute: 1, tenor: 2, 3), terje rypdal (guitar: 1 to 4), tomasz szukalski (soprano: 1, 3, 4, tenor: 2, 4), torbjørn sunde (trombone: 1 to 4), tomasz stanko (t)
photography - lajos keresztes / design - dieter bonhorst

jan garbarek - dis (ecm 1093) 1977
w/ garbarek (tenor and soprano, wood flute), ralph towner (g)
photography - franco fontana / design - barbara wojirsch

ralph towner - solstice - sound and shadow (ecm 1095) 1977
w/ towner (12-string and classical guitars, piano, french horn), jan garbarek (soprano and tenor, flute), eberhard weber (b, cello), jon christensen (d)
design - barbara wojirsch

kenny wheeler - deer wan (ecm 1102) 1978
w/ wheeler (t, flugelhorn), dave holland (b), jack dejohnette (d), john abercrombie (g, electric mandolin), ralph towner (g: a2), jan garbarek (tenor, soprano)
photography - klaus knaup / design - barbara wojirsch

jack dejohnette's directions - new ragas (ecm 1103) 1977
w/ dejohnette (d, p), john abercrombie (g, electric mandolin), alex foster (tenor and soprano), mike richmond (b)
cover photo - lajos keresztes / layout - dieter bonhorst

eberhard weber colours - silent feet (ecm 1107) 1978
w/ weber (b), john marshall (d), charlie mariano (flute, soprano), rainer brüninghaus (p, synthesizer)
artwork - maja weber / design - dieter bonhurst

paul motian trio - dance (ecm 1108) 1978
w/ motian (d), david izenzon (b), charles brackeen (soprano and tenor)
photo by e.j. fadell / design by kenneth hunter

dave holland - emerald tears (ecm 1109) 1978
design - barbara wojirsch

terje rypdal - waves (ecm 1110) 1978
w/ rypdal (g, rmi keyboard computer, arp synthesizer), palle mikkelborg (t, fluegelhorn, rmi, tac piano, ringmodulator), sveinung hovensjø (b), jon christensen (d)
cover photo - klaus knaup / layout - barbara wojirsch

jan garbarek - places (ecm 1118) 1978
w/ garbarek (s), jack dejohnette (d), bill connors (g), john taylor (organ, piano)
photography - klaus knaup / design - barbara wojirsch

gary peacock - december poems (ecm 1119) 1979
w/ peacock (b), jan garbarek (s)
artwork - nancy brown peacock / design - barbara wojirsch

ralph towner/eddie gomez/jack dejohnette - batik (ecm 1121) 1978
w/ towner (g,p), gomez (b), jejohnette (d)
lp - cover - armin lambert / design - barbara wojirsch
cd (pictured) - photography and design - sascha kleis

enrico rava quartet - s/t (ecm 1122) 1978
w/ rava (t), roswell rudd (trombone), j.f. jenny-clark (b), aldo romano (d)
design - barbara wojirsch

barre phillips - three day moon (ecm 1123) 1978
w/ phillips (b), terje rypdal (g, synthesizer, organ), dieter feichtner (synthesizer), trilok gurtu (tabla, percussion)
photography - mikko hietaharju / design - barbara wojirsch

terje rypdal/miroslav vitous/jack dejohnette - s/t (ecm 1125) 1979
w/ rypdal (g, guitar synthesizer, organ), vitous (b, electric piano), dejohnette (d)
cover photo - dieter rehm

art ensemble of chicago - nice guys (ecm 1126) 1979
w/ malachi favors (b, percussion, melodica), famoudou don moye (d), roscoe mitchell (s, flute, clarinet, gong ), joseph jarman (s, vocals, flute, clarinet), lester bowie (t, celesta, bass drum)
photography - isio saba / design - barbara wojirsch

arild andersen quartet - green shading into blue (ecm 1127) 1978
w/ andersen (b), juhani aaltonen (tenor and soprano, flutes), lars jansson (p, moog, string ensemble), pal thowsen (d)
photography - karl kempf / design - barbara wojirsch

steve reich - music for 18 musicians (ecm 1129) 1978
artwork - beryl korot / design - paula bisacca

colin walcott/don cherry/naná vasconcelos - codona (ecm 1132) 1979
w/ walcott (sitar, tabla, dulcimer), cherry (t, flute, vocals), vasconcelos (berimbau, cuica, percussion, vocals)
design and photography - frieder grindler

eberhard weber - fluid rustle (ecm 1137) 1979
w/ weber (b, percussion), bill frisell (g, balalaika), gary burton (harp, marimba), bonnie herman (v), norma winstone (v)
design - maya weber

paul motian trio - le voyage (ecm 1138) 1979
w/ motian (d), j.-f. jenny-clark (b), charles brackeen (tenor, soprano)
photography - tadayuki naito / design - dani lienhard

leo smith - divine love (ecm 1143) 1979
w/ smith (t, fugelhorn, gong, percussion [steel-o-phone]), dwight andrews (alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor, triangle, kalimba [mbira]), bobby naughton (vibraphone [vibraharp], marimba, bells)
photography - roberto masotti / design - peter brötzmann

terje rypdal - descendre (ecm 1144) 1980
w/ rypdal (g, keyboards, flute), jon christensen (d), palle mikkelborg (t, flugelhorn, keyboards)
photography and design - dieter rehm

miroslav vitous - first meeting (ecm 1145) 1980
w/ vitous (b), jon christensen (d), kenny kirkland (p), john surman (soprano, bass clarinet)
photography - joel meyerowitz / design - jurgen peschel

john surman - upon reflection (ecm 1148) 1979
w/ surman (reeds, synthesizers)
cover photo - christain vogt / design - dieter rehm

barre phillips - journal violone ii (ecm 1149) 1980
w/ phillips (b), john surman (soprano, baritone, clarinet, synthesizer), aina kemanis (v)
artwork - r. balestra / design - barbara wojirsch

ralph towner - old friends, new friends (ecm 1153) 1979
w/ towner (g [12 string, classical], piano, french horn), david darling (cello), michael di pasqua (d), kenny wheeler (t, flugelhorn)
photography - laurence d'amico / design - barbara wojirsch

don cherry/dewey redman/charlie haden/ed blackwell - old and new dreams (ecm 1154) - 1979
photography - herbert wenn / design - barbara wojirsch

kenny wheeler - around 6 (ecm 1156) 1980
w/ wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), j.-f. jenny-clark (bass), edward vesala (drums), evan parker (soprano & tenor saxophone), eje thelin (trombone), tom van der geld (vibraharp)
photography - christian vogt / design - dieter rehm

david darling - journal october (ecm 1161) 1980
w/ darling (cello, bells, gong, timpani, voice)
design - klaus detjen

sam rivers - contrasts (ecm 1162) 1980
w/ rivers (soprano, tenor, flute), dave holland (b), thurman barker (d, marimba), george lewis (trombone)
photography and design - dieter rehm

ralph towner - solo concert (ecm 1173) 1980
artwork - michel delprete / design - barbara wojirsch

g.i. gurdjieff/keith jarrett - sacred hymns (ecm 1174) 1980
cover design - barbara wojirsch

miroslav vitous - miroslav vitous group (ecm 1185) 1981
w/ vitous (b), jon christensen (d), kenny kirkland (p), john surman (s)
photography - gabor attalai / design - dieter rehm

terje rypdal/miroslav vitous/jack dejohnette - to be continued (ecm 1192) 1981
photography - milan horacek / design - klaus detjen

john surman/jack dejohnette - the amazing adventures of simon simon (ecm 1193) 1981
w/ surman (reeds, synthesizer), dejohnette (d, electric piano)
cover photo - christian vogt / design - susan nash

jan garbarek - eventyr (ecm 1200) 1981
w/ garbarek (tenor and soprano, flute), john abercrombie (g, mandolin), nana vasconcelos (berimbau, talking drum, percussion, voice)
photography - frank albiez / design - barbara wojirsch

steve tibbetts - northern song (ecm 1218) 1982
photography and design - dieter rehm

david darling - cycles (ecm 1219) 1981
w/ darling(cello, 8-string electric cello), collin walcott(sitar, tabla, percussion, soprano), steve kuhn (p), jan garbarek (tenor and soprano), arild andersen (b), oscar castro neves (g)
photography - christian vogt / design - susan nash

jan garbarek - paths, prints (ecm 1223) 1982
w/ garbarek (tenor, alto), eberhard weber (b), bill frisell (g), john christensen (d)
photography - petra nettlebeck / design - barbara wojirsch

bill frisell - in line (ecm 1241) 1983
design - maya weber

miroslav vitous - journey's end (ecm 1242) 1982
w/ vitous (b), john surman (soprano and baritone, bass clarinet), john taylor (p), jon christensen (d)
photography - dag alveng / design - barbara wojirsch

michael galasso - scenes (ecm 1245) 1983
photography - mark nelson / design - dieter rehm

john surman - such winters of memory (ecm 1254) 1983
w/ surman (soprano, baritone, bass clarinet , recorder, p, synthesizer, voice), pierre favre (d), karin krog (voice, effects [oberheim ring modulator], tambura)
photography - jim bengston / design - dieter rehm

barre phillips - call me when you get there (ecm 1257) 1984
design - barbara wojirsch

terje rypdal/david darling - eos (ecm 1263) 1984
w/ rypdal (g, casio mt-30), darling (cello, 8-string electric cello)
cover photo and design - dieter rehm

arvo pärt - tabula rasa (ecm 1275) 1984
w/ alfred schnittke (p) , keith jarrett (p), gidon kremer (v) , tatiana grindenko (v), dennis russel davies (conductor)
design - barbara wojisch

paul motian trio - it should've happened a long time ago (ecm 1283) 1985
w/ motian (d), bill frisell (g), joe lovano (s)
photography - paul motian / design - barbara wojisch

bill frisell - rambler (ecm 1287) 1985
w/ frisell (g, synthesizer [guitar]) - jerome harris (b), paul motian (d), kenny wheeler (t, cornet, flugelhorn), bob stewart (tuba)
design - j.r. clare

jan garbarek group - it's ok to listen to the gray voice (ecm 1294) 1985
w/ garbarek (tenor and soprano), david torn (g, guitar synthesizer, dx7), eberhard weber (b), michael dipasqua (d)
cover design - barbara wojirsch

lester bowie's brass fantasy - i only have eyes for you (ecm 1296) 1985
w/ bowie (t), phillip wilson (d), vincent chancey (french horn), craig harris (trombone) , steve turre (trombone), malachi thompson (t), stanton cavis (t, flugelhorn), bob stewart (tuba)
photography - karl johnson / design - dieter rehm

(list of lps heard, some missing ones to be on later posts?)
((thanks to duck who sent a good list almost a year ago for a still forthcoming guitar post))