Monday, April 19, 2010

ecm 1029 in detail - techniques and ideas of the masters

jan garbarek/arild andersen/edward vesala - triptykon (ecm 1029) - 1973
w/ garbarek (tenor, flute), andersen (b), vesala (d)

contemporary critics have trouble considering garbarek as an ayler-oriented player, despite jan's frequent allusions in interview to his influence. yet obviously it is part of any player's apprenticeship to work through the techniques and ideas of the masters, assimilating elements relevant to his own conception. in any case, triptykon makes the connections plain enough. "bruremarsj", the first norwegian folk song on a garbarek record, has a clear-cut affinity to such ayler epics as "truth is marching in" and was approached for exactly this reason.... the triptykon group was europe's equivalent to the ayler/peacock/murray trio, its music revealing a comparable nakedness and troubling beauty. albert's notion of his sound as a "love cry" is also pertinent when one considers the yearning, imploring edge of jan's tone.

from the liner notes by steve lake

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