Friday, November 21, 2014

ingenting kollektiva, live in santa maria delle grazie, milano

live in milano
recorded late 2014

solo guitar : ’72 reissue telecaster through 1966 vibro champ (via humbucker)
with amplified chanting
playing in accordance with the musical teachings of erich zann, luigi nono’s prometeo, and tarrl’s shifting of rings

artwork: x-ray of ambrogio da predis’ portrait of an angel

Sunday, November 16, 2014

new invisible birds release : community of light - night vision

community of light - night vision
cd in digipak, limited to roughly 100 copies

recordings of community of light improvisations from 2013 in cherryland, ca.

michael malinski : bass, percussion, vocals, synths
matthew swiezynski : guitar
chi yun : vocals, synths, electronics

instruments: vocals, synths, baritone guitar, guitar, delay/reverb devises, bowed acoustic bass, zither, bells, piano, harmonicas, and various prayer bowls.

community of light is a collective of artists & musicians working in the post kraut cosmic drone continuum which was initiated by mr. robert fludd and has come to full fruition in the twenty-first century in various forms. specifically; as pursuers of the Light, which is often called Darkness, and a sound we call silence (with a method called night vision).

one critic of note has said of the community : community of light reconceives a music that has for a long time been gathered from the invisible and most ancient of all communities, which has been in existence since the creation of the cosmos, and will be with us through the end of time. their music is highly influenced by krautrock, psychedelic, ambient, british folk, electronic and experimental and avant-garde music.

graphics by chi yun
photo by matthew swiezynski
mixed/edited by matthew swiezynski & chi yun
cherryland studio asymmetry by michael malinski
night vision concept inspired by carolina chaves urruzmendi 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

ingenting kollektiva, return to messina and death

live in messina , second night
recorded late 2014

solo guitar : 1964 jazzmaster through 1966 vibro champ, very loud,
playing in accordance with the musical teachings of erich zann

artwork: x-ray of antonella da messina's portrait of himself