Monday, April 30, 2007

you cracked like the ice general nobile

krasnaya palatka (the red tent) 1969, directed by mikheil kalatozishvili, cinematography by leonid kalashnikov, music by ennio morricone & aleksandr zatsepin.

a flawed film, but worth watching. the highlights being: peter finch's performance, the stunning cinematography by leonid kalashnikov, and the music, which at times is quite frightening, and of course the beautiful land(snow)scape photography. the landscape photography reminded me of the work of land artist such as mario reis, andy goldsworthy, richard long, robert morris, and of course michael snow's masterpiece la region centrale (1969), the work that pushed snow, landscape and abstraction further than they will probably ever go again.
also, a similar feel to landscapes seen in john carpenter's the thing (1982), the endurance (2000 d. george butler) and south (1914-16 d. frank hurley, ernest shackleton's cameraman).
snow* (and fog) are always wonderful for abstraction.

mikheil kalatozishvili also directed i am cuba 1964 & the cranes are flying 1957.

snow blindness

snow blindness, corrected with glasses

snow blindness, corrected with glasses (a fantastic abstract image)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

being an eye for nothing

bunkers & fog in marin, images from last year

"to be a cinematographer of nothing, to express its own impossibility? to imagine one being an eye for nothing, an eye for the impossibility demand such vulnerability at times. maybe cursed and blessed at the same time" z, kafka's ghost

Thursday, April 26, 2007

la mélancolie et le christ mort

hans holbein the body of the dead christ in the tomb 1521

andrea mantegna the lamentation over the dead christ c. 1490

dostoyevsky said after viewing hans holbein's the body of the dead christ in the tomb, one might lose their faith and proceeded to write the idiot. that holbein's painting was so visceral then (and still is), is quite wonderful.
paintings of - beauty, melancholia, love and otherworldliness.

giovanni bellini dead christ supported by the madonna and st john (pietà) 1455

giovanni bellini dead christ in the sepulchre (pietà) c. 1460

giovanni bellini dead christ supported by the madonna and st john (pietà) 1460

giovanni bellini dead christ supported by angels (pietà) c. 1474

giovanni bellini pietà 1505

sandro botticelli lamentation over the dead christ with saints c. 1490

vittore carpaccio the dead christ c. 1520

enguerrand charonton pietà de villeneuve-lès-avignon (detail) c. 1460

petrus christus the lamentation 1455-60

albrecht durer lamentation for christ 1500-03

albrecht durer lamentation for the dead christ 1495-98

albrecht durer deposition (no. 13) 1512

jean fouquet pietà c. 1445

hugo van der goes deposition diptych (small deposition, left wing) c. 1480

hans memling the virgin showing the man of sorrows 1475 or 1479

antonello da messina the dead christ supported by an angel 1475-78

luis de morales pietà 1560s

luca signorelli lamentation over the dead christ (detail) 1502

michel sittow pietà c. 1500

rogier van der weyden joseph of arimathea supporting the dead christ 1435

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i know nothing about nothingness


the deeper you go, the more you get lost
(both quotes from mekas)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

it is a grimy establishment with some dusty trade goods....

photographs of conté and ink drawings done by the late mister futterman, or m. swiezynski.

(photos of conté drawings):

(night time photographs of an oed definition written with a mont blanc on a small paper and submerged in water):

more info here and here.