Sunday, February 4, 2007

abstractions, monochromes and minimalism, part 2

a small list of considerations for a chronicle of abstraction, with examples from music, photography, painting, film, video, and literature, part 2. (see part 1)
including minimalism and the monochrome.
mainly documenting books in my collection.

1. john virtue
black and white paintings of a barely perceivable london skyline.
-john virtue: london paintings, national gallery

2. hans danuser
swiss photographer with an interest in liminality.
look here for more images.
-hans danuser: delta, lars muller

3. mario reis
"mario reis' paintings explore the inherent qualities of the natural landscape. in his series nature watercolors, reis submerges blank canvases into waterways across the world. the accumulation of sediment onto the canvas reflects the flow and ebb of the water and the palette of the river itself. born in weingarten, germany, reis currently resides in dusseldorf."
university art gallery ucsd

4. the films of krzysztof kieslowski
especially the visual and aural abstractions seen in the
-la double vie de véronique, 1991
-bleu, 1993
-blanc, 1994
-rouge, 1994
-kieslowski on kieslowski, faber & faber
-the films of krzysztof kieslowski: the liminal image, by joseph g. kickas, continuum

5. emmet gowin
most interesting are the aerial photographs taken in the united states, mexico, czechoslovakia, asia, and the middle east.
-emmet gowin: changing the earth, yale
-mariposas nocturnas - edith in panama, pace gallery

6. thierry despont
images of celestial bodies

7. michael flomen
more links: 1 2 3 4
photographs of snow covered landscapes.
"seeing light is a metaphor for seeing the invisible in the visible, for detecting the fragile imaginal garment that holds our planet and all existence together. once we have learned to see light, surely everything else will follow. --- Arthur Zajonc (catching the light: the entwined history of light and mind, bantam books)" from hasted hunt gallery's website

8. emil schumacher
german painter, draughtsman and ceramicist. look here for images.

9. gunter forg
more images 1 2

. tom marioni
examples of drawings.
"my first drum brush drawings are the result of rubbing and beating with steel wire drum brushes (like jazz drummers use) against a large sheet of sandpaper. the steel is transferred to the paper over a long period of time and the brushing on the sandpaper makes a rasping sound. the action is repetitive like that of a knife against a sharpening stone. the left hand makes a single arc, up and down, while the right hand moves in a circle-like motion in the shape of a violin or an artist's palette. over the years the drawings have changed only slightly, like handwriting changes as personality evolves. this becomes a kind of talking drumming, played on a hollow-core drawing board. the result is a pictorial record of the sound activity, a marriage of art and music. during a drawing/drumming session, because of the repetition of sound and action a trance state can occur and i can see elements of fantasy in the marks. to most people the results look like birds flying to the left." tom marioni
-beer, art and philosophy: the act of drinking beer with friends is the highest form of art, a memoir by tom marioni, by tom marioni and thomas mcevilley, crown point press
-writings on art 1969-1999, by tom marioni, crown point press

11. the films of stan brakhage
"struggle can appear as a tension between representation and abstraction, and this can even said to describe the text of light, in which patterns of refracted light seen through a crystal ash-tray become metaphors for landscapes......the light we do see almost always seems to be set against darkness........these momentary flickers that materialize tenuously out of emptiness." fred camper
-by brakhage: an anthology, criterion (though not the best selection of his work)
for a good list, see my previous blog
(some) books:
-light moving in time: studies in the visual aesthetics of avant-garde film, by william c. wees, univ. of california press
-film at wit's end: eight avant-garde filmmakers, by stan brakhage, mcpherson
-the brakhage lectures: georges méliès, david wark griffith, carl theodore dreyer, sergei eisenstein, by stan brakhage
-a moving picture giving and taking book, by stan brakhage, frontier press
-brakhage scrapbook: collected writings, 1964-1980, by stan brakhage, treacle press

12. the films of jurgen reble
film images here

13. gerhard richter
-gerhard richter (3 vols.), hatje cantz
-gerhard richter: painting in the nineties, anthony d'offay gallery
-gerhard richter: atlas of the photographs, collages and sketches, dap
-gerhard richter 1998, anthony d'offay gallery
-gerhard richter: watercolors 1964-1997, richter verlag
-gerhard richter: drawings 1964-1999, richter verlag
-gerhard richter: forty years of painting, moma
-gerhard richter: a private collection, richter verlag
-gerhard richter: landscapes, hatje cantz
-gerhard richter: catalogue raisonne 1993-2004, richter verlag
-gerhard richter: paintings 2003-2005, marian goodman gallery
-gerhard richter: documenta IX, 1992, marian goodman gallery
-gerhard richter: works on paper, walter konig

14. peter zumthor
swiss architect whose work has been photographed by helen binet and hans danuser.
buildings appropriate to the blog are: saint benedict chapel, gugalun house, thermal bath vals, kunsthaus bregenz.
-partituren und builder: architektonische aus dem atelier peter zumthor, 1985-1988, architekturgalerie luzerne
-peter sumthor: thermal bath at vals, aa publications
-peter zumthor: works. buildings and projects 1979-1997, lars muller
-a+u extra edition: peter zumthor, a+u
-peter zumthor: kunsthaus bregenz, kunsthaus bregenz
-zumthor: the spirit of nature in wood architecture award 2006, building information ltd.
-peter zumthor: therme vals, scheidegger & spiess

15. therese oulton

16. hans hartung
more images

17. robert motherwell

-the collected writings of robert motherwell, oxford univ. press
-robert motherwell: the complete prints 1940-1991 - a catalogue raisonné, hudson hills
-robert motherwell, by h.h. arnason, abrams
-robert motherwell: the dedalus sketchbooks, abrams

18. anne appleby
"although appleby’s paintings are composed of abstract panels each essentially a single color, she thinks of them as landscapes. She carefully observes particular plants or particular seasons and uses their colors as they grow and change in works that are particular to them." (from the crown point press website)

19. sol lewitt drawings

20. richard serra
(drawing/print related)
-richard serra: prints: catalogue raisonné 1972-1999, richter verlag
-richard serra: line drawings, gagosian gallery
-richard serra: large scale prints, addison gallery of american art
-serra + richard serra nables, museo archeologico nazionale
-richard serra: intersection, christoph merian verlag
-mel bochner/richard serra, hayden gallery mit
-the destruction of tilted arc: documents, mit
-serra: sculpture 1985-1987, the pace gallery, leo castelli
-richard serra: weight and measure, tate gallery
-richard serra: writings interviews, the univ. of chicago press

21. yutaka yoshinaga
more images
uses pigments, pastels and folded washi paper.

22. herman de vries
more images 1 2
-artists, land, nature, abrams

23. anish kapoor

24. richard chartier
"i have noticed that the things that influence my sound compositions the most have been visual. i think of sound in visual terms which stems from my education as a painter/designer. (and vice versa.. i often describe visual works with sound terms)" richard chartier.
-current, 2006
-incidence, 2006
-levels (inverted), 2006
-specification.fifteen (with taylor deupree), 2006
-tracing, 2005
-retrieval 1-5, 2004
-william basinski + richard chartier, 2004
(the earlier work i find to be too minimal)

25. lucio fontana
-lucio fontana: venice/new york, guggenheim museum
-lucio fontana, electa
-formless: a user's guide, by yve-alain bois and rosalind krauss, zone books

26. alberto burri
-formless: a user's guide, by yve-alain bois and rosalind krauss, zone books

27. jean degottex
-monochromes: from malevich to the present, by barbara rose, univ. of california press

28. angeles san jose
-monochromes: from malevich to the present, by barbara rose, univ. of california press

29. dario villalbo
-monochromes: from malevich to the present, by barbara rose, univ. of california press

30. martin kline
-monochromes: from malevich to the present, by barbara rose, univ. of california press

31. richard pousette-dart
highly concerned with the spiritual and the role of the unconscious.
more images
-monochromes: from malevich to the present, by barbara rose, univ. of california press
-richard pousette-dart, skira

32. david maisel
-the lake project, nazraeli press
-oblivion, nazraeli press