Wednesday, August 22, 2007

which he distorted by decorating with images

new video out by m swiezynski
(number one in a series of 10/12 items due on dvd in 4-8 weeks)
train films, magic hour films, animals & nature films and studies
of weather, not good in any manner))

(for more information, please contact mr. arthur o. memory esquire, booking agent and purveyor of iniquities)

ps. if watching film on youtube (with very bad image quality), headphones recommended


* said...

cool, who created that sound? Fits the images very well.
animals & nature films, does it mean it is with donkeys?

the art of memory said...

my collaborator and doppelgänger herr arthur memory did the sound. i find it a bit melancholy, but thanks, i will pass on the compliment.
no geese yet, nor donkeys (missed the chance), but some cats, a dog, cow, a sea duck (not sure what they are called). i will send you a copy when it is done.

Anonymous said...

yes tell mr. arthur o. memory I was very pleased with it, it is melancholy, yes, but in a good sense, I liked it quite a bit. very nice drone.. sea duck is cool, too. it will be a pleasure & honour to receive a copy, will you tell mr. o memory, too?

the art of memory said...