Wednesday, March 12, 2008

robert bresson, filmography

une femme douce 1969

(including cinematography, music and writing)

-journal d'un curé de campagne 1951
cinematography by léonce-henri burel
music by jean-jacques grünenwald
from the novel by georges bernanos (journal d'un curé de campagne, 1936)
screenplay by robert bresson

-un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou le vent souffle où il veut 1956
cinematography by léonce-henri burel
music by wolfgang amadeus mozart (mass in c minor k 427, 1782-3)
from the memoir by andré devigny (un condamné à mort s'est échappé, 1956)
screenplay by robert bresson

-pickpocket 1959
cinematography by léonce-henri burel
music by jean-baptiste lully (from his opera atys, 1676, transcription by f. oubradous)
inspired by fyodor dostoevsky's crime and punishment (1866)
screenplay by robert bresson

-procès de jeanne d'arc 1962
cinematography by léonce-henri burel
music by francis seyrig
screenplay by robert bresson

-au hasard balthazar 1966
cinematography by ghislain cloquet
music by franz schubert (piano sonata no. 20 d.959, 1828, performed by jean-joel barbier) & jean wiener (jazz and songs)
screenplay by robert bresson

-mouchette 1967
cinematography by ghislain cloquet
music by claudio monteverdi (magnificat sv 206/8,
ca. 1610, performed by les chanteurs de saint-eustache) & jean wiener (tunes)
from the novel by georges bernanos (nouvelle histoire de mouchette, 1937)
screenplay by robert bresson

-une femme douce 1969
cinematography by ghislain cloquet
music by jean wiener, henry purcell (come ye sons of art away, 1694), wolfgang amadeus mozart
from fyodor dostoyevsky's short story the gentle maiden (1876)
screenplay by robert bresson

-quatre nuits d'un rêveur 1971
cinematography by pierre lhomme
music by michel magne, groupe batuki, christopher hayward, louis guitar, f.r. david
from fyodor dostoevsky's short story white nights (1848)
screenplay by robert bresson

-l'argent 1983
cinematography by pasqualino de santis & emmanuel machuel
music by johann sebastian bach (chromatic fantasy and fugue, for keyboard in d minor bwv 309, ca. 1723)
from leo tolstoy's short story faux billet/the forged coupon (1905)
screenplay by robert bresson

(for more specific information on these films, see: robert bresson by philippe arnaud, cahiers du cinema, 1986)

une femme douce 1969 (dominique sanda)

mouchette, 1967 (nadine nortier, robert bresson)


the art of memory said...

if any information is wrong, please let me know. i found some errors in the philippe arnaud monograph (the title of the purcell piece used in une femme douce, i believe) and of course on the internet (which i don't want to add to). it became a little confusing gathering some specifics, esp. the music.

left off some, in my opinion, dogs or non-bressonian films. i like les dames du bois de boulogne ok, but never saw it as a bresson film so much (not enough shoe sounds).
have tried 2 or 3 times to watch lancelot, and never made it through. my good friend says he would rather watch monty python and the holy grail with its humorous gore scenes, i agree.
for procès, not great either, but there are some really beautiful moments, found in the non-trial sections.

Piotr Tkacz-Bielewicz said...

so i'm interested what you think about "le diable probablement" - non-bressonian or you didn't like it?

the art of memory said...

i just skip and try not to think about the bad ones, every great artist makes a few mistakes.
bresson is so amazing that he made only a few unwatchable films.