Monday, April 21, 2008

bell-derived drones which resonate peacefully even as they twist and turn

tarrl lightowler: l'eau de vie (forthcoming film)

beyond the horizon of visible things - little tunes amid the sound of wind or water, feelings flickering through people.
(from robert musil: 5 women)

new books & music

- °sone: passerelle, and/oar, 2008
a site-specific sound installation / performance by yannick dauby, christophe havard & hughes germain.
if i were forced to bring 10 cds with me to a deserted island, this would be one. there is the feeling/atmosphere similar to a photograph by anselm kiefer, like listening to one of his factory floor images, obscured beyond telling.
- solo andata / seaworthy / taylor deupree: live from melbourne, 12k, 2008
all three perfect, with subtle melodies and abstractions.
- william basinski: cleveland tower: the tower from sonic fragments festival, princeton university, 2008
- william basinski / richard chartier: untitled 1-3, line, 2008
with bonus tracks.
- a broken consort (richard skelton): crow autumn, sustain-release, 2008
violins and landscapes, black and white, and very nice.
- john cage: early music, edition wandelweiser, 2007
(via herr lightowler)
with edwin alexander buchholz: accordion, joanna becker: violin.
- celer: sadha, s/r, 2007
- celer: continents, s/r, 2006
- celer: untitled (frozen loop), s/r
all very wonderful. looking forward to new releases.
- yannick dauby: chant de dune, taâlem, 2003
- alio die and zeit: raag drone theory, hic sunt leones, 2007
acoustic sessions recorded in lunigiana, italy at chiostro dell’annunziata and the wood sanctuary in august 2006. includes psaltery, zither, drones, shruti-box and loops. stunningly beautiful new work of indian music.
- john dowland: complete lute works, harmonia mundi fr, 1997 (paul o'dette)
- jgrzinich: ferric, taâlem, 2008
fields recordings, a wind harp and various improvised wire and metal constructions. something beautiful.
- ian holloway & neil rowling: itto, ecr
- islaja: blaze mountain recordings, estatic peace, 2008
live album.
- arsenije jovanović: untitled, la légende des voix, 1994
eric la casa's label
- arsenije jovanović: galiola - works for radio, 1967- 2000, fo a rm publications / and/oar / alluvial recordings, 2008
includes prophecy of the village kremna, portions of this piece were used in the thin red line.
- marc namblard: chants of frozen lakes, kalerne & atelier hui-kan, 2008
field recordings of the acoustic resonances of a frozen lake, on yannick dauby's label.
- bj nilsen & stillupsteypa: passing out, helen scarsdale agency, 2008
- yui onodera: le jardin, taâlem, 2007
- adam pacione: sisyphus, elevator bath, 2005
- charlemagne palestine: the apocalypse will blossom, yesmissolga records, 2007
recorded by christoph heemann in aachen, germany at the ludwig museum in 2000 on the occasion of the 1000 year celebration of charlemagne palestine and subsequently processed by heemann.
- gram parsons with the flying burrito brothers: live at the avalon ballroom 1969, amoeba music, 2007
- steve peters: the webster cycles, cold blue music, 2008
scored for six trombones, early work by peters composed in college.
- steve peters: chamber music 4: filtered light, dragon's eye recordings, 2008
drone work using fourteen frequencies derived from a field recording made during off hours in the university of new mexico art nuseum's studio gallery. this is my favorite steve peters yet, i would bring this to my island as well.
- steve peters: occasional music, palace of lights, 2007
includes music from the film agnes martin: with my back to the world, a documentary by mary lance.
- rameses iii: basillica/origins, important records, 2008
includes a breathtaking remix by keith berry and a really wonderful set of live ambient music.
- steve roden: vester fields, volume, 2008
composed using a found postcard to determine the following sounds/instruments used to generate the piece: violin, accordion, voice, plant, field recording, and a 1940's home recording. a very fine method for arriving at the sublime.
- steve roden: a christmas play for joseph cornell, s/r, 2008
an audio realization of george brecht's score a christmas play for joseph cornell
- matt shoemaker: mutable depths, ferns recordings, 2008
a darn fine recording.
- spiracle: lumen, taâlem, 2007
"like warm mercurial metallic textures slowly flowing through capillary vessels".
- tape: luminarium, hapna 2008
- gregory taylor: two maps of danaraja, mp3 release, 2008
track one (seismic profile) is very nice, "bell-derived drones which resonate peacefully even as they twist and turn" (see title)
- jon tulchin: location recordings, and/oar, 2002
- scott tuma: not for nobody, digitalis, 2008
limited edition version with birds.
- victrola favorites: artifacts from bygone days, dust-to-digital, 2008
- antonio vivaldi: the complete works for lute, auvidis france, 1999 (rolf lislevand)
- va: mandorla autumn soundscapes, mandorla, 2008

- dreaming the miracle: three french prose poets: max jacob, jean follain, francis ponge, white pine press, 2002
- goerg büchner: lenz, archipelago books, 2004 (richard sieburth translator)
- wilkie collins: the moonstone, everyman's library, 1992 (1868) currently reading
- brothers grimm: the annotated brothers grimm, norton, 2004 (edited by maria tatar) currently reading
- friedrich hölderlin: hyperion, or the hermit in greece, continuum, 1990 (1797-1799)
- heinrich von kleist: the marquise of o- and other stories, penguin classics, 1978
- robert musil: posthumous papers of a living author, archipelago books, 2006
- robert musil: 5 women, david r godine, 1999
- novalis: the novices of sais, archipelago books, 2005
- georges perec: the winter journey, penguin classics, 1996 (1993)
- robert walser: kleist in thun from selected stories, nyrb classics, 2002 (1913)

((tried to make this a download free list of new music, but my wallet really smarts))


MT said...

very interesting!!

Duck said...

Another amazing list – thanks! I've been neglecting physical media in favor of netlabels (check out, e.g. Entia Non), but some of these CDs don't stay available very long. (Now my wallet is going to smart!)

the art of memory said...

thank you both,
don't know that label,
the design is nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comments on the °sone release !


the art of memory said...

it is a beautiful release yannick,
hope there is more good response.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog recently, and am amazed to find a piece of my writing as the title of one of your posts! Thanks so much for highlighting the Gregory taylor release on my label Stasisfield, it's great to see his work getting some well-deserved props. This blog is fantastic, btw, an amazing collection of image and text...very inspiring!

the art of memory said...

glad you found it john, they are fine words, the bell-derived ones.
thank you very much.