Thursday, November 6, 2008

in honour of olivier messiaen's 100 birthday

colin andrew sheffield's signatures due december 10th
in honour of olivier messiaen's 100th birthday

in collaboration with, the art of memory is pleased to announce a new release by colin andrew sheffield

limited to an edition of 60 examples,
which includes a bonus 3 inch cd broken light, a booklet with abstracted photography by tarrl lightowler and text by richard inwards f.r.a.s, plus an original print from tarrl lightowler.
all encased in a lovely hand-made box.

(please reserve copies soon because nearly half are sold)

audio excerpt available here


MT said...

Thank a lot!!

i'm interested on your cd's, how could i get it??

(El espíritu de la colmena is one of my favorite films, you know: El sur?)


the art of memory said...

someday we hope to see the film

we will have a link to buy soon, but for now i will reserve a copy for you.


Anonymous said...

I would like to reserve a copy...any left? By the way, love the blog.