Monday, May 25, 2009

would long ago have become a star

that is, in fact, what i meant to say when i wrote you that what surprises me most in each pastel is the unity of feeling in which the object is every time contained; a unique, tempestuous breath of feeling, a unique gesture of passion has, in one fell swoop, moved it close to the heart; it's a total manumission... and still it is you, oh lover of earth and sky, that i sing! still the strength of your arms and the ineffable glory they take in their obedience to your sovereign heart, to your glorious heart, to your new and ancient heart, to your spring and summer heart, to your heart which, did it not contain that dazzling season of blossoms, would long ago have become a star...

rainer maria rilke's letters to merline 1919-1922 - page 49

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