Saturday, September 5, 2009

any gathering of dust motes in the light records the passage of angels

stan brakhage - the wold shadow - 1972


... move thru the shadow in a diffraction of light -
the doors of illumination / home of angelical forces (as george
macdonald would have it: "... home ... is the only place where
you can go out and in.") ...
... and the shadows of shadows are the shadows of angels ...
... and the fixed instants of constantly changing shapes are the pic-
tures they take of themselves:
a smoke pattern in the hearth's wall,
a cloud held in the mind's eye,
a face in tree leaves ...
the home movies of angels are qualities of light held as if in mid
air -

from angels by stan brakhage, found in brakhage scrapbook: collected writings 1964-1980 - documentext - 1982


the art of memory said...

next five posts on stan brakhage - light - abstractions - etc.

Daniel said...

It's great to have you back and active!

the art of memory said...

thanks, i said 5, but looks like it will be more like 10