Saturday, June 26, 2010

land between two rivers

the books of anselm kiefer 1969-1990 - george braziller - 1990/1991

was finally able to acquire a copy of the good book (the book of books), though it cost me a weeks pay.
first checked this book out of the massart library as a wee lad, such an influence the good book has had on my life......

some titles
- the heavens
- barren landscapes
- marble landscapes
- shards
- the burning of the rural district of buchen
- piet mondrian - operation "sea lion"
- brandenburg sand
- teutoburg forest
- midsummer's night
- trip through the country
- the rhine
- isis and osiris
- heavy water
- way across the red sea
- through the center of the earth
- the night, when isis weeps
- birth of the sun
- shulamith


Francis Feline said...

stunning!! I MUST get it.

thank you for sharing.

the art of memory said...

have been wanting it for near 16 years or something, wish the images could have been better, thanks for commenting

rappel said...

thanks for posting so many images from this book. what an inspiration.

the art of memory said...

thanks rappel
there is another kiefer rare one i want to get and do the same treatment, but need to dig around for some more cash.

jgrzinich said...

what a gem this seems to be. glad you could finally get it.

the art of memory said...

one hell of a book, hard to lift...
like the books themselves.

hope all is well, lethe near completion. hope your work is going good.


Patricia said...

I really appreciate your posting the pages. Even with this many generations removed I feel the glimmer of the power within the imagery.

the art of memory said...

thanks for the comment patricia