Thursday, December 9, 2010

light in the darkness, or, darkness moves (la ville des anges)

recent films by tarrl lightowler and matthew swiezynski
premiering in los angeles on december 16th 2010, in echo park *.

matthew swiezynski - i can feel the sea falling over my head - 2009-2010
tarrl lightowler - as yet untitled - 2010
matthew swiezynski - it is something invisible - 2009-2010




"tarrl lightowler and matthew swiezynski are two filmmakers who make attempts at photographing "ingenting", or, what is not visible to the naked eye (nothingness).

with the use of many ingenting devises, they have chanced upon a few moments of visual phenomena, otherworldliness, minimalism and abstractions, in the tradition of the romantics and their observations of Natur.

these devises generally involve some sort of alembic apparatus; something to distill and abstract images and sound, and can include movement, time, layering, beauty, grain, ephemera, etc.

in addition, to find work that is in a tradition that would include: agnes martin, robert walser, mark rothko, morton feldman, melville, victor hugo, henri michaux, michael snow & ernie gehr, j. s. bach, philippe jaccottet, ingmar bergman & gunnar fischer and sven nykvist, bela tarr, eliane radigue, robert musil, marcel duchamp, robert bresson, john ford, thomas köner, terrence malik, andrei tarkovsky, h.p. lovecraft, powell & pressburger to name a few.

and in general: jazz, abstract expressionism, 20th century classical music, french, russian and german poetry & literature, renaissance, netherlandish and dutch painting, early music, birdsong, distant melodies, and drone music."

words by arthur de eriomém

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