Thursday, February 17, 2011


martin scorsese - shutter island - 2010

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

subtle relationships of sound and music found in shutter island
(the soundtrack being an outstanding gathering of 20th century classical music)

specifically, sounds of:
rain, snow, wind, thunder, water and the sea, fire, vinyl lps (surface sounds, memory), distant melodies, distant voices, dreams, bird sounds and other animals, drone, reverberant spaces (military architecture)

 boat ride to shutter island, flash back (includes record player no. one)

 voice fades when women becomes visible

records and record players (odeon records, moments of nazism *)

record player no. two - it's mahler

record player no. three - memory of nazi's office

record player no. four - wife flash back two

record player no. five - nazi's office

distant melodies (from two different sequences in the film, first one with delay)

thunder / john cage (with voices, snow fall, and a girl's voice) / mahler
girls voice reminiscent of the twins in the shining

 the sea / man falling into the sea (heard, not seen) / feldman's rothko chapel /
scelsi's uaxuctum and small rodents

also worthy of mention is the ward c section with bird sounds, water dripping, electronic outbursts, and distant voices

music supervision - robbie robertson
sound mixer - petur hliddal
supervising sound editor - eugene gearty
music editor - jennifer l. dunnington
music researcher - jared levine

- john cage - root of an unfocus, music for marcel duchamp
- brian eno - lizard point (from on land)
- morton feldman - rothko chapel 2 (from rothko chapel)
- lou harrison - suite for symphonic strings, nocturne
- györgy ligeti - lontano
- ingram marshall - fog tropes, prelude: the bay (from alcatraz)
- krzysztof penderecki - symphony no.3, 4th movement: passacaglia - allegro moderato
- max richter - on the nature of daylight
- giacinto scelsi - uaxuctum 3rd movement
- alfred schnittke - four hymns: hymn II for cello and double bass
- lonnie johnson - tomorrow night
- johnnie ray - cry
- kay starr - wheel of fortune (also used in l.a. confidential)
- dinah washington and max richter - mixed by robbie robertson