Sunday, December 11, 2011

ib004.5 (special preorder edition)

fragments of night ib004

sadly, we found most copies of our new record to have a manufacturing error.
the manufacturer is in the process of making new copies, and we should get them in 3-4 weeks.

as a thank you to customers that have already purchased the record, and customers that preorder it, we have made a special edition *, which is the standard record with a bonus dvdr of a film titled i can feel the see falling over my head *

the video is a transcendental harmonium playing, lit only by fireplace. the sound of the harmonium gently mingles with the crackling of wood.

a copy of this fine film, as well as a download coupon, will be included with all prepayments made from now until the ship date.

thanks for the patience.

oiseaux invisibles/the art of memory

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the art of memory said...

ps - the new pressing put us over budget, all preorders will be greatly appreciated so we can continue to put out music/films (and our archives). we have quite a few films already made, a stunning flicker film by t lightowler (in the works), and some music still in progress we would like to issue in 2012