Friday, November 15, 2013

with an emphasis on the sublime and transcendental qualities of sound gathering & construction

: recent acquisitions :

- jüppala kääpiö - alpen ocean - omnimemento - 2013

recorded by carole kojo & hitoshi kojo
"the overlaid harmonies of a murmuring of trees, howling skies, roarings of the ocean and the gradual transformation that is accompanied by melodies may remind you of migratory birds traveling across the sky on a lost ancient continent, or the dream of sea animals that are in eternal slumber in a ridge of mountains."

- jüppala kääpiö - animalia corolla - omnimemento - 2012

recorded by carole kojo & hitoshi kojo
"since its creation in 2006, jüppala kääpiö has tried to substantiate what they were hearing and feeling from animals, plants or even minerals that they met in their living places in different countries and during travels in different continents.
'animalia corolla' is a record of feasts of spirits gathered from the whole world. their songs, dances and conversations about the synchronicity of their dreams have been transcribed in this album."
from omnimemento website

-  paul bradley / jonathan coleclough / hitoshi kojo / colin potter - water mountain - omnimemento - 2013

"overlapping drone layers littered with elemental textures & debris, harmonic sets in imbricated rotation, where instruments, manipulated objects, field recordings are beyond simple coexistence."
daniel crokaert

- turquoise - automatic cyclamen - octpia - 2000/2011

concept, prepared musical box: raxa
recording, processing, composition, artwork: hitoshi kojo

-  spiracle ‎- sympathetic field - octpia - 2002/2011

- hitoshi kojo - omnimoment - omnimemento - 2012

site-specific sound works 2006 - 2009

- hitoshi kojo - high tide mirror - omnimemento / shining day - 2012

"inner resonance of planets... harmonies made from the distances between planets... melodies generated by their circular dances...
our bodies can become a receiver of cosmic music when we connect our roots to certain places on earth. however the electromagnetic field on the surface of the earth is unduly interfered nowadays. so our sympathetic ability is heavily oppressed by the violent moiré.
first, shall we let ourselves synchronize with the flow of the earth’s fundamental magnetic field, immerse ourselves into the tonal dance with the sun and the moon? then each of us will spontaneously begin to oscillate a unique vibration according to our character. it is the fundamental tone that becomes part of the universal harmony, and the first step to participate in the circular dance of the celestial orbs."
hitoshi kojo

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