Thursday, November 19, 2015

it was quite dark inside, for the window was small and half-obscured

ib008 - ingenting kollektiva an anatomy of melancholy

ib009 - asphodel aokigahara, the black sea of trees

two new invisible birds releases arrived in the mail yesterday. they are available in a few different editions; either in the everyman edition, or levels of special edition up to deluxe editions.
please see our web page for more info

(titled from lovecraft colour out of space)


Glorious Jail said...

Hi,its very inspiring that you are continuing to release music and art.It is very easy to feel crushed under the weight of the digital geist ,which is haunting and turning the world into an inverted constant now.I do miss the days of more regular list and asides.Postings about what is sustaining you aesthetically and poetically.I have two questions for you.The first is does your label have any interest in releasing material by
other artist and the second is do you have any interest in being given music and or art for personal review.
My apologies if this come across as unwanted soliciting.Again, when ever i feel in need of great art manifest in subtle ways i return here.
Thank You, D.D.

the art of memory said...

hi D.D.
thanks for the comments... i have been wanting to come back to the art of memory and start doing more regular posts, film studies and lists... just have been so busy lately it has been hard to find the time. thanks for the push though

yeah, i really want to boost the label to doing more releases, mostly vinyl i think or cds with quantity of 200 or so. i got stuck with a lot of cds in the house that i have put out, so i want to limited the quantity in the future, which seems easier now then in was when i started. problem has always been getting the cash, that is why the kickstarter was a godsend. i have one project in mind that would be quite expensive, hoping to go forward with that one soon, or something similar, more when i get confirmation :)

i am also looking for more reviews, many people that reviewed the last couple albums have seemed to have closed up shop.

thanks again, matthew