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figurative senses, the fact or condition of being inspired : milford graves

still from Milford Graves: Full Mantis, a film by Jake Meginsky and Neil Cloaca Young

"The drums, after all, echo the heartbeat, and as Milford Graves has also noted 'If you study the anatomy of the ear, you'll see that the so-called eardrum is nothing but a membrane, and the so-called hammer is nothing but a drumstick.'" Valerie Wilmer As Serious As Your Life: The Story of the New Jazz

images of inspiration, a breathing or infusion into the mind or
soul of a supernatural being, a visual portrait of Milford Graves

Milford Graves
born August 20, 1941 Jamaica, Queens, New York
died February 12, 2021

American drummer, percussionist, cosmic philosopher, professor, researcher, inventor, visual artist/sculptor, gardener, herbalist, and martial artist.

Began playing drums when he was three years old.

Along with Sunny Murray and Rashied Ali, Graves is known for liberating percussion from its timekeeping role in music. One wouldn't cross a busy road with a rigid military march, but move at different rhythms.

Graves was music faculty at Bennington College from 1973-2012 and was appointed faculty emeritus in 2016.

Select Discography
  • Albert Ayler Holy Ghost: Rare & Unissued Recordings (1962–70) (Revenant)
  • Paul Bley Barrage (ESP) 1964
  • New York Art Quartet New York Art Quartet (ESP) 1964
  • New York Art Quartet Mohawk (Fontana) 1965
  • Giuseppi Logan The Giuseppi Logan Quartet (ESP) 1965
  • Jazz Composer's Orchestra Communication (Fontana) 1965
  • Lowell Davidson, Gary Peacock, Milford Graves Lowell Davidson Trio (ESP) 1965
  • Milford Graves with Sonny Morgan Percussion Ensemble (ESP) 1965
  • Giuseppi Logan More (ESP) 1966
  • Milford Graves with Don Pullen At Yale University (SRP) 1966
  • Milford Graves with Don Pullen Nommo (SRP) 1967
  • Albert Ayler Love Cry (Impulse!) 1968
  • Sonny Sharrock Black Woman (Vortex) 1969
  • Milford Graves with Andrew Cyrille Dialogue of the Drums (IPS) 1974
  • Milford Graves with Arthur Doyle, Hugh Glover Bäbi (IPS) 1977
  • Milford Graves with Kaoru Abe, Toshinori Kondo, Mototeru Takagi, and Toshiyuki Tsuchitori Meditation Among Us (Kitty) 1977
  • Kenny Clarke, Andrew Cyrille, Milford Graves, and Famoudou Don Moye Pieces of Time (Soul Note) 1984
  • David Murray and Milford Graves Raw Deal (DIW) 1994
  • Milford Graves Grand Unification (Tzadik) 1998
  • New York Art Quartet 35th Reunion (DIW) 2000
  • Milford Graves Stories (Tzadik) 2000
  • Milford Graves, Peter Brötzmann and William Parker Historic Music Past Tense Future (Black Editions) recorded 2002, issued 2022
  • Milford Graves, Anthony Braxton & William Parker Beyond Quantum (Tzadik) 2008
  • Milford Graves with Bill Laswell Space/Time – Redemption (TUM Records) 2014
  • Milford Graves with Bill Laswell The Stone (Back In No Time) (M.O.D. Technologies) 2014
  • Wadada Leo Smith Sacred Ceremonies (Tum) 2021

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