Wednesday, March 28, 2007

rain, landscape and light in ozu's a story of floating weeds, 1934

beautiful images by yasujiro ozu and cinematographer hideo shigehara.


p.marin said...

Dear herr schinkel, m swiezynski:

this blog is amazing. beautiful stills, great ideas for post. thanks so much for including a link to my La Region Central blog.
a link to the art of memory has been added in my links section.

all best.

sroden said...

one of the greatest films ever.... ever....ever!!!!!

the art of memory said...

thank you, la region centrale is one of my favourite films, great name for a (blo)ssoming (g)oat.
it is a stunning movie, it was hard to pick stills, they are all so nice.

Steven M. Liss said...

'Floating Weeds' is my favorite Ozu film. I have the predecessor and should really watch it.

the art of memory said...

real pretty photography in this one, it has been a while since i have watched the second one, have to give it a go again to refresh my memory.
i actually have the laserdisc... but no player.