Tuesday, March 20, 2007

robby müller, cinematographer

robby müller (1940-)
bio from wim wenders site:
"robby mueller was born on april 4th 1940 in villemstad, curacao, on the dutch antilles. he studied at the filmacademy in holland from 1962 to 1964 and started to work as a director of photography soon afterwards".
certainly one of the most interesting living cinematographers, he has worked with wim wenders, lars von trier and jim jarmusch among others.

his filmography includes: the american friend, repo man, paris, texas, to live and die in l.a., down by law, barfly, mystery train, dead man, breaking the wave, and dancer in the dark.a great example of his craftsmanship is the ending sequence of dead man, when the canoe drifts out into oblivion (see image below).

paris, texas 1984 (d. wim wenders)

the american friend 1978 (d. wim wenders)

breaking the waves 1996 (d. lars von trier)

dead man 1995 (d. jim jarmusch)

down by law 1986 (d. jim jarmusch)

dancer in the dark 2000 (d. lars von trier)

some films:
-the scarlet letter 1973 (d. wim wenders)
-the wrong movement 1975 (d. wim wenders)
-kings of the road 1976 (d. wim wenders)
-the american friend 1978 (d. wim wenders)
-saint jack 1979 (d. peter bogdanovich)
-honeysuckle rose 1980 (d. jerry schatzberg)
-they all laughed 1981 (d. peter bogdanovich)
-tricheurs 1984 (d. barbet schroeder)
-repo man 1984 (d. alex cox)
-paris, texas 1984 (d. wim wenders)
-to live and die in l.a. (1985) (d. william friedkin)
-down by law 1986 (d. jim jarmusch)
-barfly 1987 (d. barbet schroeder)
-mystery train 1989 (d. jim jarmusch)
-korczak 1990 (d. andrzej wajda)
-until the end of the world 1991 (d. wim wenders)
-dead man 1995 (d. jim jarmusch)
-breaking the waves 1996 (d. lars von trier)
-buena vista social club (1999) (director of photography: amsterdam) (d. wim wenders)
-dancer in the dark 2000 (d. lars von trier)
-coffee and cigarettes 2003 twins & memphis version segments (d. jim jarmusch)


Anonymous said...

even Repo Man! pretty amazing. i surf your site in earnest now, having found it from a google img search of Paris, Texas. Thanks for all the info.

the art of memory said...

glad you found it.
i think that is one of the factors in repo man being such a great film.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Art,

Quite some article you wrote, with some fine example of the projects Robby worked on. As a Dutchman myself, I am proud that the international best filmers prefer to work with Robby Muller, especially Jim Jarmusch with his excellent B&W movies. I have made a link in my website (which I am still working on about traditional B&W photography) to this article, for it’s the better one among the sites about Robby Muller. Great job, and I will explore some more.

Regards, Geert Warta

the art of memory said...

much obliged,
what is your site?

Anonymous said...

It's still unther construction and writen in dutch.
I love photography the old fashion way en still use medium format camera's, with B&W film.

Regards Geert.

Matthias Lechner said...

I have been a huge fan of Mr Mueller's work since my early teenage years.
He is probably the first person that sparked my interest in Cinematography. One of the biggest influences on my work!
Thanks for the site.


Francis Feline said...

looking at stills like the above, I often question the relationship between photography and film. Sometimes the first one is almost humiliated and executed by the second one.

Great photographs compiled and transformed. I guess same goes for music..

the art of memory said...

all good business, i think it is all the same for me.... what i like about great art