Sunday, May 27, 2007

munch in louisiana

edvard munch jealousy 1896

recently acquired exhibition poster from an edvard munch exhibition at the louisiana museum in denmark.
purchased from richard press in sacramento, my favourite bookseller in northern california.


shahn said...

beautiful image!

Diane Dehler said...

Very nice post. I like the work of Paul Klee and nice to find it here.

the art of memory said...

it is a very nice poster, yes, what a find.

klee is on my top shelf, not sure why i waited so long, i will put some painting up soon as well.

bats and swallows said...

what was the greatest discovery of Paul Klee during his journey in Italy? The painting and the sculpture of the Renaissance?
The Italian architecture?
No, fish, just fish in the biggest aquarium of the world of this time situated in Naples.
After Italy the painting of Klee will be changed completely, because light will come from the inside of the subject, similar to the light that the strange fishes of the depths generate.

the art of memory said...

mr. bats,
hopefully the dipsomane will prove to be interesting.
if you have any suggestions for french words related (or you niemand), i would love to hear them.
my abilities are "child-like" and i rely on my trusty dictionary.
the munch looks really good on the wall, i need something besides books to decorate my crib.

bats and swallows said...

We have in French one charming expression to describe a dipsomaniac's wakening :"Avoir la gueule de bois".
it is what arrives if you drink too much "l'eau de vie"!

the art of memory said...

thank you mr. swallows, i have heard that one but forgot it, use to take french classes for years, but not using it, it is close to gone,
i never understood if you could call wine "l'eau de vie" or if it was just the hard stuff.
i was planning on doing a rabelais post in dipsomania, and some other french related ones, maybe from "le petit robert", which i have but hardly ever use, but this is a great excuse....
keep the words/expressions coming.