Sunday, May 27, 2007

paul klee, une dévotion aux petites choses

highways and byways, 1929

twittering machine. 1922

view of ancient city, 1927

-paul klee et la nature de l'art: une dévotion aux petites choses, hazan/les musées de strasbourg (exhibition catalogue)
-klee by nello ponente, skira
-klee drawings, dover publications
-paul klee: painting music by hajo duchting, prestel
-paul klee and the bauhaus by christian geelhaar, new york graphic society ltd.
-paul klee: selected by genius 1917-1933 by roland doschka, prestel
-paul klee: his life and work by carolyn lanchner, hatje cantz (moma catalogue)
-paul klee by will grohmann, harry abrams
-paul klee drawings by will grohmann, harry abrams
-paul klee: 1879-1940 in the collection of the guggenheim museum
-paul klee rediscovered: works from the burgi collection by stefan frey and josef helfenstein, merrell publishers
-paul klee: beitrage zur bildnerischen formlehre (facsimile of bauhaus weimer manuscripts 1921/22) by paul klee, schwabe & co. ag verlag
-paul klee, fondation maeght
-paul klee: his life and thought by marcel franciscono, univ. of chicago
-the blue four: feininger, jawlensky, kandinsky, klee: in the new world by vivian endicott barnett and josef helfenstein, yale/dumont
-paul klee: the nature of creation, works 1914-1940 by robert kudielka, hayward gallery/lund humphries
-paul klee: the berggruen klee collection in the metropolitan museum of art by sabine rewald, met
-klee and america by josef helfenstein and elizabeth hutton turner, the menil collection/hatje cantz
-paul klee: the djerassi collection at the san francisco museum of modern art, sfmoma
-paul klee notebooks, volume 1: the thinking eye, volume 2: the nature of nature, lund humphries

or, the disease of collecting.

some of them, click to see details


woolgathersome said...

Always nice to see a glimpse of your collection! It's just a little book, but do you have Novalis's The Novices of Sais with illustrations by Klee that Archipelago put out? We have those Klee notebooks and I'm so looking forward to a time when I can actually read them through...
I'd love to visit the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern...

the art of memory said...

i do have it, a beautiful little book, should have included that.
didn't know you had the notebooks, did you pay alot?
i have not read them either, just looked through, the little one pictured (klee bauhaus-weimar) is a nice facsimile with some pull out bach "scores" which would be nice to put up in the memory,
i almost went there last year, but i only got to lugano, didn't have time to go up to bern.
my co-worker just went and said it is really amazing.

woolgathersome said...

I think T's had the notebooks since he was 19 or something... not sure what he paid for them...

The Bern Museum does look amazing and the structure within those hills...

NIEMAND said...

A quarante ans, Paul Klee écrit dans son "journal de peintre", "j'aimerais peindre et dessiner comme un enfant de six ans".
Non seulement il y est parvenu mais, grâce à son bagage culturel, son immense réflexion visuelle et son humour, il a plutôt peint comme un enfant de six cents ans.

At the age of forty years, Paul Klee wrote in his "Journal de peintre", "I would like to paint and to draw like a child of six years".
Not only he arrived there but, thanks to his cultural background, his immense visual thought and his humor,he painted rather like a child of six hundred years.

Dixit Nicolas Bouvier , flâneur impénitent suisse.
dans "La guerre à huit ans", éditions Zoé.

bats and swallows said...

My comment on Klee is not in the good place, thanks again haunting mister Munch and thanks again lady Dipsomania !...

the art of memory said...

thank you so much niemand for that quote, it really is perfect.
the work really is complicated and simple at the same time. and again with the bach. i want to do a blog on his score because it is really so great.
i think that is when i really fell inlove with his work, after seeing the notebooks.

and mr. bats, you are right about the italian experience. his drawings from italy are really so nice, i think there is one called italian villages that is really sublime. and yes, the fish.
fish and bach.
he had a great way of abstracting in a child-like way.
did you both get to see that show in strasbourg?
i was there when it was on (in paris) but couldn't get up there, so i bought the book instead.
thanks again.

Unknown said...

Hi ,

Right now I am reading the Notebook , '' The thinking eye -Volume 1 '' and '' The nature of nature Volume 2'' borrowed from university (Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy ).
The books is really good which record the theory of Paul Klee's motif development used in painting. It is so amazing he came acoss the cosmos ,univerise and he had a deep study and research on the plant growth system. He presented in mathematically. It quite inspired me.

the art of memory said...

you know i have them, and have looked through them alot, but never actually read them through.
i love his bach score in there, just great. someday i will go through them closer. i have a facsimile as well, which is great.
good luck,