Friday, January 25, 2008

waters are black and swirling.....

around me: i stand on the shore
the waters are black and swirling.....

our eyes so fixed
that the darkness surrounds us
and we are drowned by the loss of light

david tibet

......he suffers this anguish and abandonment in
the horror of the night.....

blaise pascal, pensees

what shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue

edmund burke, 1780

(from the sleeve notes of the inmost light by current 93)

including the albums:
where the long shadows fall, 1995
all the pretty little horses, 1996
the stars are marching home, 2007


Susy said...

I adore this album...

Anonymous said...

i saw him buying a sandwich in hastings the other day.

the art of memory said...

it is quite an album i agree,
and that is very cool. i like his outfits.