Monday, June 9, 2008

univers du western - red river

howard hawks - red river, 1948

john wayne - thomas dunson

montgomery clift - matthew garth

walter brennan - 'groot' nadine

john ireland - cherry valance

noah beery jr. - buster mcgee

hank worden - simms reeves

chief yowlachie - quo

harry carey jr. - dan latimer

harry carey - mr. melville


(century trees)

cinematography - russell harlan

(other films shot by russell harlan)
- to kill a mockingbird, 1962 (d. robert mulligan)
- day of the outlaw, 1959 (d. andré de toth)
- rio bravo, 1959 (d. howard hawks)
- witness for the prosecution, 1957 (d. billy wilder)
- lust for life, 1956 (d. vincente minnelli)

music - dimitri tiomkin
(includes the song red river valley - aka cowboy love song)
editing - christian nyby

(number 1 of 500 for a planned series detailing westerns)

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the art of memory said...

instead of my seventies list, which nearly killed me, i am doing a similar deal for westerns (american and foreign), but one at a time, and including the following:
1- landscape images (or taverns)
2- actors
3- cinematography
4- other business

much indebted to reciprocal information exchange with the famed scottish librarian sir tarrl l. morley of edinburgh who currently teaches classes on the history of cinema (specifically the western) in berlin germany, focusing his attention on - light and abstraction, landscape, water (rain) and liminality as seen in the american western and author of the fine study of minimalism, light and abstraction in the films of anthony mann, john ford and robert bresson.